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OMG!!!!! No matter what piece i smoke out of i cough my brains out to a point i puke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kingster, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. What do i do? Ive bought the NO2 vape which gives me a raspy, bubbly, wheezy noise in my upper airway.... My helix bong is filled to the top with sonic ice with a showerhead diffuser ash catcher and diffused down stem...... the bong water area is filled with as much sonic ice possible so the water is freezing!! But still I cough my brains out....

    Need help ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! I live in texas so no cool edibleS,tinctures, hash that i saw my friend pick up so easily when i visited him in Santa Cruz. And I live with my dad so cant really do much cooking..... He works for the uncle sam so im sure he mos def knows any remnence of weed....


    "Sonic ice" meaning ....... A bag of ice purchased from Sonic "Americas Favorite drive-in"
  2. You mixing with tobacco or taking it straight?
  3. straight....... everything is clean and sanitized too.

    even shotgunning from my GF are throat hackers for me.
  4. Hmm, sounds strange but have your tried a bong with luke warm water as opposed to ice cold?

    A few of my friends found it to be smoother hits for them. Some people say that if you breathe in and out slower works for them too.

    I'll ask around and see if anyone I know has the same problem.

    Also, out of interest, how long have you been smoking?
  5. haha fairly new maybe about 4-5 months.....
  6. Yeah try less ice actually. Make sure the hole in your slide is nice and open. Put little chunks of bud in instead of using a grinder and make sure the hole in the slide isn't blocked by any chunk. Corner it very lightly and take a small hit. I can't imagine it being too harsh this way.

    Ground bud hits thick and if there isn't high-flow, it's going to milk thick and condense at the bottom of the tube. These are definitely some hackers and is a big reason that I only pack snaps now. As you hit a bowl of ground bud the pack gets tighter and tighter and the cherry spreads quicker.
  7. use warm to hot water or if using regs use warm tea instead of water. or use the carb more or pull the slide every couple seconds giving yourself some breaths of fresh air with a hit. also to me the slower the milking, the staler/harsher hit. if i was hitting a bong and didnt clear it the first pull, ill blow that fog out rather than inhaling it as that is stale to me and fucks my shit up, as for a vape you can run it through a bong or bubbler

    oh and beakers or bubble bottons make smoke to harsh for me also

    any confusion sorry
  8. corner it very tightly ???? and snaps????? Im not too familiar with your lingo sir?

    PLS inform :)
    And thanks all of this is extremely helpful!
  9. WOW my helix is a beaker I never thought of that?? I used to have a pure straight double 5 arm perc /ice pinch but 3 days after i bought it my GF broke it :(
  10. No need for all the question marks unless I really confused you that badly, in which case I apologize. By "corner" I mean light just a tiny corner of the bowl pack. If you break the herb into chunks like I said and corner it in this manner, you will get a very thin and tasty hit in the bong.

    Unless you pack a small amount however, after a couple hits the pack is very tight and yields thick condensed smoke. This is where snaps come in. Packing a small (or larger depending on who's packing) amount of weed and smoking it all in one hit is called a snap. The name refers to the sound it makes as ash is sucked through. If you pack small snaps however, it is easier to torch the whole tiny pack and suck slowly. Once the cherry goes out everything is burned and you can clear it. No burning weed gets sucked through, no ash in the bong water.
  11. wow who knew I was smoking wrong this whole time.... next time i smoke

    corners tight, warm bong water, and snaps......

    and do you know if ISO hash is harsh to smoke because of the alcohol?
  12. It's not that you were smoking "wrong" buddy. It is just what your lungs prefer.

    Have you tried it yet? Does any of our tips help?
  13. not yet bro.... im bout to rack out but i will be sure to post when i do.... All this shit helps out like crazy!!!
  14. With all due respect, IMHO take smaller tokes and listen to th3_cr0nic. You are still fairly new to smoking (if I understood your post right 4-5 months) your lungs are just saying to you "what the hell man??" lol Don't try to fill your lungs with every draw, just inhale a comfortable amount and see what happens, if you gag, that was too much. I've been smoking for the better part of 20 yrs and still to this day if I get greedy with super chilled bong...I'll cough & gag. :rolleyes: Trial & error pave the way to experience.

    Good Luck
  15. allergic to smoke:eek:!?
  16. tnaks lil sis
  17. that would blow to be allergic
  18. #18 METAL, Jan 13, 2011
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    i don't know what to tell you about your coughing situation but from what i know texas has much better cheaper and a lot more dank than where i live and I'm very privileged with medical connects from cali and co so you might need to look around for a better dealer. i know this for a fact to not just saying it
  19. #19 th3_chr0nic, Jan 13, 2011
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    Just to clarify a few things: The idea of a snap is to get it all in one hit. Because of this, cornering a snap is ineffective. Torch the whole thing to make sure it's all burning then just pull steady like I said above. Due to your issue with smoke, I'm not sure you should even take snaps unless they are VERY small. Pack like, less than .05. Yes. Less than half of .1. Work you're way up form there.

    Cornering is more for a bowl pack which is meant to be hit more than once. This is what I would probably recommend for you. Pack a small bowl, enough for four little "corner" hits, and get to cornering. Don't forget: Don't break the bud up too fine and do NOT pack it too tight.

    Edit: The alcohol shouldn't be a problem with ISO hash. Make sure you leave the plate drying for like, 32 hours. Ideally it all evaporates off. You can use a stove to facilitate this process, similar to purging BHO, but that's a whole 'nother can of worms.
  20. You shouldn't still be coughing so much after 5 months. It took me about a month of fairly consistant weekend smoking (and a handful of cigarettes inbetween) to get acquianted with it. Now i rarely cough unless i'm taking a massive hit. Maybe try smoking some of that all-natural herb stuff in a roll up to just break in your lungs a bit, i would never recommend someone gets onto the tobacco train after my experiences haha

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