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  1. Jesus fucking christ.......i just applied for a job online at a small grocery store. I wasn't trying to be a manager, a cashier or a customer service representative. I apped to be a stock boy/general merchandise team member. They made me answer at least 200 fucking questions about my personality....literally that shit was like the fucking SAT. Corporations piss me off......roundy's supermarkets ffs >.>
  2. Maybe there was an ulterior motive, perhaps it was intended to be a test of will?

    And let's face it, processing applications is a pain in the ass, it's probably easier on them to just thin out the herd in whatever way they can.
  3. Wait till you take the test they make you do when you get the job.
  4. Why don't you do the American thing and just file for unemployment or welfare.
  5. I heard that Obama is now requiring all job applicants to have an anal exam. And ALL the examiners have very LARGE fingers. :mad:
  6. [quote name='"Fizzly"']
    I heard that Obama is now requiring all job applicants to have an anal exam. And ALL the examiners have very LARGE fingers. :mad:[/quote]

    Lucky me ;)
  7. [quote name='"BearJew420"']Why don't you do the American thing and just file for unemployment or welfare.[/quote]

    Lol sounds like the "other half" of america. Feeding off of the working class

  8. ROFL good point....although in today's job market i bet fucking everyone that wanted this job even a little went through all this shit anyway

  9. He's a bear...but wait.....HE'S ALSO A JEW :eek::eek::eek:! Loll to answer ur question cuz I'm not a parasite bruhhh i have 2 arms and 2 legs and i intend to use them ^.^
  10. I just applied online for a supermarket. There were actually no questions like that at all. Just had to paste my resume and give them my general info and answer those tax questions. I hope I get it. It's just working in the a bakery. And this place is literally a ten minute walk from my house.
  11. I think it's because they get a shit ton of online apps and so they want to make it take a whole fucking hour
  12. Yeah I know what you mean op , I recently took the walmart assesment test & failed lol , but my sisters friends bf is assistant manager so all I need to worry about is a dt ; going to get some quick fix for that though
  13. That is why I hate filling out applications via the web the ALWAYS make you take some dumb questionnaire at the end.
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    Yeah it probably is this and the test of will someone listed earlier. I've done online applications in the store on the store computer. After about twenty minutes of standing in one place I decided I did not want to work there. If if a place doesn't have physical paper applications at the location then I'll pass. Says something about the company and not that they are going green.

    Agreed about the dumb questions. Some meanial jobs will throw you the supidest questions in the world, in trick form nowadays. There is always the standard "Why do you think people steal?" "Have you ever stolen questions."

    Impossible to know how to answer for some of these warped companies. Last time I answered a questionair I got penalized for answering I have never stolen. Of course I have stolen. Everyone has to an extent but that was the first test that wanted the real answer of admiting the truth.

    Other one was a question about "Why do I think people steal?" I picked the textbook answer that looked like it came from a sociology book. Nope they wanted to hear that people steal out of greed. No one would ever steal USELESS office supplies out of greed. What THE FUCK am I going to do with five colour printers aside from get arrested?

  15. I'd say a good 90% or more don't do paper apps anymore :laughing:, and what does it say about the company?

    Oh and, I was filling out an application the other day. Forgot where, but at the beginning it said it could take all my info from facebook to fill it out. Nope, not use my resume for that, facebook. I lol'd hard.
  16. That's partially funny....and then it's fucking TERRIFYING. Can u imagine where we are gonna be in 10 years with this bullshit when it's even permeated the fucking LABOR market not to mention all social interactions and even the field of advertising for every major company?

  17. Lucky u.....even if i get this, which i may well not because i have like no work experience, ill have to take the L train for like 15 min and even after that maybe a bus. I honestly don't know what I'm gonna do about this shit + school lol by the time I get out + work I'm not gonna wanna do shit...and ill still have schoolwork
  18. man i hate those tests. it's like why don't you sit down and talk to me for 20 mins instead of having me answer a bunch of bullshit on paper.
  19. its a test to basically see where your morals are at

    wallyworld, mickey D's ,pizzaslut , K-Fart... most big ones have it ..

    it is a pain in the ass but its part of the process

  20. Yeah if ur a shitty test taker i guess this world isn't for u anymore lol.....GL getting a face to face interview these days

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