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Omg its resin

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pspimport165, May 4, 2011.

  1. WELL i havent cleaned my bong in a long time, now it has a sh1t ton of resin all over it. I want to know if any body can help me harvest it. The only way i kno how to is put boiling water in it, is ther any other ways? S o far i got this...

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  2. I've never harvested the resin from my bongs i usually just let it all go down the drain but god damn is that a big ball of resin my friend ha
  3. Looks like you've been bamboozled OP
  4. WHAT??? So nobody knows how to get risin out of a bong? I am thirsty to smok it...
  5. Just put some rubbing alcohol in there, shake it around till the bong is cleaner and pour the alcohol on a plate.

    Wait for it to dry, usually 24 hours, depending on how much alcohol is on the plate, scrape it off said plate with razor blade.

    Smoke some resin.

  6. Shit doesn't work man. I tried to pass that off as hash, it smells like shit and you can't smoke it.

    Just dont smoke res. It's gross.
  7. It may be gross, but you can smoke it and it will get you high... eventually.

    Rubbing alcohol and salt on bongs, plastic bag with alcohol and salt for smaller pipes and such (just seal it up well and agitate it a bit).
  8. I used to smoke rez when I was desperate dont do it though its all carcinogens. Go jog a couple of miles the rush you'll get from that will far surpass anything that rez will do...
    I use alchohol and rocksalt to clean all my glass
  9. It doesnt make hash, it makes resin...

    Ive smoked it a lot like that, great for after you already scrape the pipe/bong and theres still some resin left.

    You can smoke it, its just like resin..

  10. It becomes resin jelly, it's nasty cancer paste, I don't know why you would make it more than once, and I don't know why you'd want to smoke res in the first place.

    Grow up, smoke weed. Res is for 15 year olds who don't have a job and can't re-up.

  11. No it's not. Even when I have green I still smoke resin. It's not cancerous. Get out of here.

    My age sense is tingling

  12. How would your age sense tingle from that? And yes res is the fucking carcinogens left over from combusted plant matter, with a tiny amount of thc left over.

    Go ahead and smoke gooch flavored shit, I'll get real high off real shit.
  13. clean it out and buy green weed lol.
  14. It's called resin hits haha, just smoke the resined up bowl.
  15. If you let it dry all the way, theres nothing jelly like about it..

    Smoked like regular resin every time Ive done it.
  16. Resin gets me fucking baked.

    If you don't like it, send me your "shit" :D
  17. I would be willing to be that it's 'cancerous' as that poster already stated, what that exactly means is a little blurry but it's certainly filled with crap and very little THC comparatively.

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