Omg Im Ojn Shrooms!! Weee

Discussion in 'General' started by mxtoker, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. lol im on shrooms and flying sorry thjis is pointless lol weeeeeeee
    NUS kill that mofo!
  2. No Nus! Don't do it!

    :confused_2: <----- Nus
  3. not pointless at all man.. well kinda but i know the feeling of being on mush and can relate to whats going on in your head right now.. check out some trippy pictures..

    have a good trip.. and smoke some ganja :)...
  4. I'd tell a story but i'd put you on a bad trip.
  5. OMG yay im CANT stop rolling around in my grass my nabohors think im fucking nuts!!! YAY nus if u can't find any other way to bring justice to its place then just eat some mushies yay. makeing a LIFE cese to exist is the and i mean THE worst theing to do. i just had to exploer inside my self to figuer it out. O FUCK NOW im so FUCKING ITCHY!!! FUCK THIS lolololol I LOVE SHROOMS:D :D :D :D :D :D :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:
    fuck i just remembered imn out of weed IM DRY NOOOOO lol :SMOKE: hey can some one IM me im on msn my email is and ples this is to the WHOLE city my email is NOT a fucking toy or emsment thing for u. plases be mature \
    Thanks :smoke:
  6. huh man? have fu

    n dude...lucky bastard

  7. you're fucked up
  8. mushies too expensive in my area.. got an 8th a while ago to try em, cost $40. crazy trip but i coulda gotten a 10strip for a little more and tripped harder/longer
  9. lucky man, lucky fuckin man enjoy bro
  10. "OMG my Letters are floattting!"

    (that was you that said that right?)
  11. ^^ yea that was him hhahaa.

    and i agree with skittles. though idk about a ten strip. last time i did a ten strip i ended up in georgia. (i live in nc)
  12. why did he give out his email? i thought you shouldnt post shit up like that.
  13. it doesnt matter posting stuff up about email talon. no use in getting paranoid. unless you are posting HUGE grow ops or talking about massive distribution a cop/fed isnt going to worry about us at all

    just wondering, why are you bothering with GC while on shrooms...idk just seems like a waste to me. Go for a walk or go do something computer is the last place i want to be when tripping balls
  14. omg guys i did exaclty that i took a 10 mile walk and ended up in some forest that i have no fucking clue were at because i don't even live near a forest lol. ya my keys were flying and shit lol. my cell phone did it this time but i sat out side around dusk and my energy became one with the earth. it was so amzeing i felt connected with natuer it felt soooo good it was a awsome trip excpt for the eariler part but i don't wanna talk about it. i get shrooms for 25$ a 1/8 150 an O and there were Gold Flake and they look like they had lil gold flakes in the stems they were massvie to an 1/8 was like 2 mushrooms as long as a pen and thick like maybe 2 in" in diameter i ground them up with my weed grinder and put them in a sandwich couldent tastes them at all :D
  15. Gold flakes :D Mine had gold flakes :D :D

    Are they p. cubensis?
  16. i would have ate them naked. on am empty stomach with nothing to dull the effect haha
  17. so dry of shrooms in maryland...*sob*

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