OMG I'm freaked out now

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    It just occurred to me that there might be mold in my pipe and that my allergies came from smoking the mold!! O.O
    I'm getting a new pipe tomorrow! Damn I'm freaked out.

    Edit: Whoops forgot to explain why...
    Well not too long ago my pipe accidentally got water in it from my misters outside. I didn't think to much of it, just dried it and continued to smoke in it. But recently I've been getting allergies real bad. I think there might be mold growing in there.
  2. Ugh huhhh....

    So was it wet for a long time?
  3. Not for too long, but idk if it dried completely.
    It could just be that I'm just really blazed imagining all this....:smoking:
  4. Yeah, Most likely lol.
  5. Haha, well now that thats resolved... does anyone know if you can get allergies from smoking alot??
  6. no but the thc makes your throat extra mucssy, so thats probably why ya feel congested. take a benadryll er somthin for allergiez...

  7. wtf omg
    boil those pipes

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