omg i never knew how good this was until now

Discussion in 'General' started by SunspotsInMyEye, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

    mmm its delicious!!
  2. Juice is the shit.
  3. Juice is the shit, but grapefruit juice is shit.
  4. I LOVE the taste of grapefruit juice the moment it enters my mouth,

    but I HATE the taste of it when I swallow.
  5. Me no like no grapefruit juice.:(
  6. I always tend to like eating to intact fruit more than drinking juice. Just my opinion. But grapefruit juice is pretty good.
  7. I've gone through three different flavors of my grocery's knockoff brand. Some random fruit, cranberry, and now apple juice. The next time I trip I'm thinking apple juice all the way. :D
  8. Believe me when I say you must have whole fruit when you trip.

    Berries, cherries, mandarin oranges...

  9. "***** what the fuck is juice" ?

    "i want that drank"


    dave chappelle is hilarious.
  10. Throw some vodka in that shit! It's delicious.
  11. ahhh lol you beat me I was gonna just post WTF is juice?
  12. Juice is good but I hate grapefruit juice unless I'm using it as a mixer.

    I'd suggest you purchase a carton of high-quality, really thick - 'ACTUAL' juice (A.k.a it uses only fruit extracts) from your local grocery store.
    You can taste the difference but more importantly you can feel the difference in texture.
    Shitty juice is really watery..
    Where as actual juice is thick almost like its a smoothie.

    It's kind of expensive, expect to pay $5-6 a carton for good juice.
    But its worth it, it actually tastes like you're drinking fruits and not chemicals.

    Try this stuff out,
  13. ugh i hate grapefruit juice, so bitter. OJ is the BEST juice though. hands down.
  14. I cant buy grapefruit juice because I will drink it all in one sitting.
    I couldnt find a picture of it, but I love juice in those tiny dole cans.
  15. You people are drinkin the wrong water
  16. umm.. sorry chocolate milk beats all that is man.
  17. wow man your just now finding this?just think of all the potential chocolate milks youve passed up in your an ovaltine guy myself.
  18. agreed. im about to enjoy several kiwis and an orange.
  19. I love Ocean Spray Ruby Red grapefruit juice. Just the color of it is refreshing as fuck.

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