omg i need someone to awnser me asap plants r fucked!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlie067, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. hey guys well here it is last night i got realy sik came down with a feaver and everything i was so sik i couldent sleep so when i finnaly got to sleep i didnt wake up till like 1:00pm today im suppose to turn my lights off at 7am so im six hours late to turn off my lights there in 12/12 when i went in to turn my lights of the plants leave's were drooping right bad and fuck im stressed about this i dont know what to do i think i fucked them right over if i can get some help it would be great im so mmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaddd
    does anyone here think they will live or will they just die how long do u think i slowed there budding prosssess?could i have put them back into veg i just dont know what to do im freakin out plz help
  2. aghhh the deadly switching the lights problem..........why aren't they on a timer?......6 hours isn't too bad, how long into flowering are they?......just put them back to 12/12, and hope they don't go hermie....unlikely if they are in the latter stages of flowering.......will the time be convenient enough to have to switch the lighting on every day?......hence a good for the drooping....check the water level.....too much or not enough can make them to how long has it slowed the budding process is hard to tell....possibly a week till it adjusts again maybe 2.......unless you're lucky and it hasn't bothered it that much.......but get on the water issue first........then back to the 12/12.........Peace out......Sid
  3. they have been in 12/12 for almostr 3 weeks now and the tops and all the branches r covered in white hairs the reason i dont have a timer is kuz i couldent offored it but i am getting one soon should i turn the lights on tonight at the same time i allways turn them on?i ussaly turn the light off at 7am and turn them on at 7pm should i do this i think it may be overwatter im not sure yet but im just confused due to all this and beeing so sick
  4. i've never had the problem before.......asked, nor done it myself......but if i were you i'd put them back to 12/12 at 7pm tonight......just reversing the lighting.....on at 7pm and off at 7am.....unless this is not possible due to whatever reason.....maybe Vatoloco, or any other growers out there have faced this problem....if so speak up and help a blade out........Peace out....Sid
  5. I've done it before in 18/6 but never in 12/12...I would think since you turned the light off at 1 today that maybe you should turn it back on at 1 AM...just to keep them on the 12/12 schedule. In flowering less light is always better than more so if you have to wait to turn the light back then do just that.
  6. i set my timer to on insted of auto the once and gave them a whole knt of light, soon as i realised i put them stright into dark, changed the cycle to 10 light and 15 dark (25hr day) till the light came on at the time i wanted it to (3days later) then went back to 12/12.

    i dunno if it was a good thing or not, out of 12 plants (clones) i had 2 turn hermi, they did strech a bit and finished about the right time.

    if any1 has any better ideas then i'd like to hear them.

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