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Omg, I just signed up

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KhRoNiC_HaZe, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. I just signed up, I am so fucking high, have you guys ever tried to do those image verifications high? What the fuck is up with that shit, wooo, what up guys?:hello:
  2. This is a trap.

    You've just given us all the information we need.

    You're busted.


  3. Yeahhhh rigghhthtt mann get outa here.
  4. haha yea man I CANNOT HANDLE THE IMAGE VERIFICATION things, I am sure i type it right but its always wrong. Welcome to the community :bongin:
  5. Thanks man, Ima get my boys to sign up, theresd like 20 of us ahaha, fucking image verification.,
  6. Crack cocaine.

  7. hope your boy's dont make their names bOtH cAsEs ;)
  8. #9 KhRoNiC_HaZe, Sep 11, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 11, 2008
    nooo man this is how my dog's name is spelled,
  9. First thing you learn on the city is you don't say anything that could give away your true identity, if anyone ever cared to look you up they could find your name is 10 minutes based off your gamertag.

    Welcome to the city bro.
  10. fuck, YOU ARE SO RIGHT, OMG I ALMOST JUST GOT FUCKED OVER, shhhh noone knows man, its not exactly the same anyways o_O :bolt::bongin:
  11. If I were you I'd edit that post that says that thing I won't mention, and erase what you said. But if you don't give a fuck, then fuck it.
  12. your gamer name is khronic haze?

    I'm pretty sure I've gamed against you before :eek:... What games do you play?
  13. Welcome to the city man, I'm in the tampa area too
  14. haha St pete here
  15. I play Call of Duty 4 and GTA 4

  16. hahha yeah, I owned you in CoD4 before.

    pwndizzled by teh1337pwnerer

    bahahahaha. :hello:

    I also remember that when I owned you, I owned you baked.
  17. cocaine is a hell of a drug
  18. i cant hardly handle them image verifications sober...

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