omg i just found this baby bird outside in my backyard! //pics

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    I was outside on backyard porch, enjoying a midnight toke after the rest of the family fell asleep, and i heard this weird noise outside to the side, i ignored it at first, but then i noticed the cat got really tense, so i felt something was there. the noise seemed like it came from a very young animal (i have very experienced animal skills lol). So i got up and ran to it right as the cat did and i found this baby bird on the dirt floor, and luckily got to it before my cat did.

    any idea what the fack to do with it?! i can't put it outside or the cat will get to it i'm sure. :smoking:

    edit: w lighteru100.jpg bird with lighter for comparaison

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  2. Dude nurse it.
  3. You should feed it to the cat. Let nature have it's way.
  4. 0_0....
  5. Aw good work on the save man.

    The most you can do is feed and nurture it for a short while till it's
    ready to do its own thing.
  6. I'm guessing it can't fly ? If not, it doesn't look like it's too far away from being able to...

    I'd probably set it free somewhere the cat wouldn't be able to find it.
  7. I get birds like that in my back yard all the time. Except they are laying on my back porch, completely ripped open by my cat.
  8. is the nest located nearby? If it is that means that he/she is probably learning to fly, just put it back where you found it and bring your cat in so it doesn't eat it or harm it.

    Lol @ bird and lighter comparison picture
  9. the only tree nearby or any other high structure for a bird to nest in is the fig tree outside, and it's way to short to support a nest. it can't really fly, it attempts to, but can't lift off the ground. so maybe a couple weeks away from flying? it also doesn't seem injured whatsoever.
  10. If I had to guess, I'd say a week or less from flying.

    I think it would be ok if you just let it go outside (where the cat couldn't get to it) but if you wanted to hang onto it until it's more capable of flying, that would be cool too. Bird seed is cheap, finding something to keep it in would be the tough part.
  11. I'm gonna say that's not a baby, more like a juvie that's injured. You can either take it to the vet or feed it to the cat. Unless you want to pay for the bills, do the bird a favor and make it quick.
  12. Put it on your shoulder
  13. trust me it's not injured at all. no need to take it to the vet. i think i'm just going to climb to the top of my roof in the morning and put it up there and hope the mother comes. but even if the mom does come, is it going to pick it up with its beak and move it to the nest?

  14. I'm pretty sure once your scent is on the bird, the mother won't come back for it. You just need to feed and nuture it. Make sure it's warm, well fed and in a safe place where no animals can get to it. A big box with a blanket in the bottom should be OK.
  15. Train it until it becomes a Pidgeot then release it back in the wild.

  16. No, then you teach it fly and you can go anywhere!!
  17. Dude you gotta nurse it now, A bird hit My glass door and i felt obligated to make him healthy again, And i did!!! just get a huge box and give him healthy shit like worms and water and that stuff and he will fly right now and love you forever!
  18. Im super sorry for double posting but dude, I fucking love your avatar and avatar Sig They gave dude a beeper, Thats priceless man, thats my favorite movie! and im guessing its yours to?
  19. Looks about 20 g's

    I'd say that was a fair deal :smoking:

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