OMG I have SUCH a GREAT story!

Discussion in 'General' started by jellybeansryummy, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I was at wendy's with my friends. Just got done smoking and I was spacing out. Well, I was walking out the door and I keep going and there is a guy standing there. I must have walked when he was trying to walk in. He goes "Dont mind me your WAY more important" in a real rude tone. so i turn around and walk in when he goes in and shout FUCK YOU really loud. Needless to say everyone was staring. my friends were cracking up.
  2. Wow what a amazing story..... not.
  3. You fail, horribly.
  4. This story is a little played out. Wouldn't you agree old friend?
  5. You're still high, arent you?
  6. Not so sure, dude. But I get the feeling I've actually experienced this many times before. Maybe with just slight variations...
  7. What the fuck

    I dont think so.
  8. i think that you think that you know that you want to :D
    i have a story
  10. lol dont you have one of these things for everything
    i want to make one :(
  11. Sounds oddly familiar...
  12. wow i havent seen you round here in a hot minute
  13. i thought you were banned or some shit for some reason :confused:
    i won't participate in your game , but welcome back if you were gone! :D :wave:

  14. There's some kind of funny picture for every thing. :p
  15. you showed that asshole ...
  16. This story makes me want to masterbate.

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