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  1. This is just a funny story I thought id share with you all. I just went out to my moms flower garden to find some fertilizer to begin planting my cannabis seeds, but there wasn't any. So I look in one of her flower boxes to get some fertilizer out, and what do I see???? About 4-5 2 ft. tall Sativa plants, all in perfect health and with insane amounts of hairs!!!! I couldn't believe it. My mom growing in my own backyard had NEVER occurred to me, but now that I've seen it, I guess I can be more open about smoking. This is great! Has this happened to anyone else? I'd like to hear your stories.

    Peace Out
  2. well i'm sitting here with my dad burning a bowl. he says not to fuck with the plants or say anything, just now start your plants off wherever and if your mom ever bitchs at you for smokin you can always say, hey well i found your plants once and didn't fuck with them, ya know.

    i'd say not fuck with the plants and all that (you can't rip off your moms plants that would be so wrong!), and just maybe start trying to open up to her about smoking, i duno i grow with my dad its great and a lot easier, if you could grow and smoke with your mom that would be sweet dude. Do whatever you think is smart. But don't rip your moms plants. (if she has like a fuck load of dope and you really really need some wait till she has it about done being dried out and shit)
  3. I totally second what overgrowray said... Admire your moms green thumb from afar..but leave the plants alone!...If you want you could take some nice clones from her plants and add them to your personal garden to add some variety. But just dont go into asshole mode and rip them all out and smoke them all up...that'd be muy mal compadre....
  4. I agree with you both. In fact I never mentioned uprooting her plants, I'm not that type of person. I know how hard it is to grow here and I was simply admiring them. Its more the principal of her growing than the actual plants, although they are beauties.
    I even asked her about them and she said my uncle gave them to her a couple months ago b/c he would've had to take them on an airplane, what luck!
    Anyway she's actually helping me grow mine now, right next to hers.... touching, I know

  5. sweet
  6. that's a sweet deal man. you should consider yourself very lucky to have a mom like that. :)
  7. thats good man, i'm happy for you and good luck.
  8. man i wish my mom was like that but she hates weed. my dad on the other hand dont hes cool as hell abouut it.
  9. that's cool that your mom has plants. me and my mom are growing a plant. It's pretty cool to have parents like that. i've always been open to them about blazin. They just said that its better to do it at home than go somewhere else and get busted. That's about it. Late.
  10. my parents are the same as xero's.... they just tell me if i decide to do it somewhere and it involves driving to be careful and shit.... i wish they were smokers though... they quit after college
  11. One day i got an ounce of Hydro right? (HELL YEA!) Well i rolled 2 fatties in King size ZigZags and i was smokin in my room and my dad walks in with cheetos and says "I smelled your pot and thought you might want these." OH SHIT! i thought. But it turns out he givees me cash to buy it and occasionally smokes out with me. He even referred me to his old hook-up! I love my dad and I always will.
  12. My fuckin parents are horrible. My mom smokes, I am told by the people I babysit for. They've got this 20 year old son and my mom apparently called up the mom 7 weeks ago and she got an 8th for 60 from her stepson that i know and smoke out with. hes like, "never tell anyone" the only people ive told are you guys as of yet. its crazy.

    so ive got this little room my dad built downstairs thats always locked..... im gonna try and get in there. and come to think of it, sometimes my mom acts high
  13. hey guys just thought i'de share some things my dad smokes my mom dont my dad built me my grow room he bought my hps for 300$ and he bought my soil my pots and ferts he got it all for me i love him so much :) now i ow him 500$ he says for me not to pay him but as soon as i get my next pay check its going in his pockets kuz he diservers it
    i coulden't beleave he could be so kool me and him never got alone when i was little now u cant pull us appart:)
  14. Heres a good one: I smoke, not a lot, but on weekend and with my buddies who burn more often. Anyway, my wife doesn't know I burn.

    So im out with a bunch of buddies and couples at a back yard fire, party sort of thing. My wife is off with some girlie friends doing the wife chit chat thang, so im puff'n away with my buddies, who she knows smoke. I see her coming so I do the usual...exhale, sort of slip away for a minute.

    Anyway......i come back, my buddies are all laughing their asses off. Im like "what". They said my wife just left when she seen me coming, she was burning with them and didn't want me to know she was burning, ahahahahaha same shit i was doing.

    Well needless to say I know she smokes, and she likely knows I smoke, but neither of us have ever said anything to each other......fucked up but funny.

    Ill have to see how long it takes for one of us to say something to the other.
  15. u should start smokeing with her :)


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