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Omg help plz

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by punchmeplz, May 26, 2009.

  1. I need help on what to make I have about 3.5 grams of green and I wanted to make fire crackers in the microwave earlier but we ran out of peanut butter. I need something that I can make quickly since it's 12 and I have to wake up at 6:00 in the morning 0.0.
  2. Nutella. Possibly plain butter? but not sure about that one.
  3. Smoke it bro, whats the point of eating it if you gotta wake up in 6 hours?
  4. there for the 5 hour flight tommorrow...
  5. oh ok, makes sense.
  6. Go to a 24hr wal mart or something and get some peanut butter. Maybe even a well stocked gas station
  7. I was thinking about something with microwaving could I do cheese and just melt it with the ground up bud on it an then put that in something?
  8. Make some cannibutter and put a load of it on a few english muffins or somethin

  9. Probably depends on what kind of cheese.

    I would guess that Kraft singles probably wouldn't work as well as like... real cheese. :p

    I'm just guessing though. I'm not an expert on cannabis cooking or cheese. :hide:

    The cannabutter idea is definitely a safer bet.
  10. I just don't know what I could put the cannabutter in, and I can't leave the house right now to get any peanutbutter.
  11. okay I put a piece of cheese on a bagel and spread some butter on it and microwaved it for about a minute and I'm gonna let it sit overnight so once I get to California I'll tell you weather it works or not =]
  12. I don't see this working very well. I've been wrong in the past though. *shrugs*

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