OMG Gnomes might be real

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  1. Ok so I was stoned searching stuff on youtube and I came across a few argentinian videos of gnome sightings and, dude, they look toatally real...
    I saw a few more yesterday that look real but I couldn't find them. I know the possibility of actuall fairy tale creatures to exist is slim but maybe they are like an underground society of mini-midgets. I want an awesime little gnome buddy to smoke a few blunts n bowls with lol
  2. Is his name Grimble Gromble?
  3. yea i figured that out when i was like 12. gnomes/dwarfs were how people described little people.
    back then.
  4. well, i'll say this. every 'mythical' creature depicted by humans have some root of truth. not to mention we've lost ourselves as a species, thus loosing connection to the world.

    theres a native american tribe, its legend says we got greedy n prideful, as punishment the other animals shunned us, we soon lost the ability to communicate with them.
  5. Theyre called duendes in spanish culture.
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    That's awesome! Check out this vid, its a compilation, the first 2 you've posted, but theres more


    and I also found this comment, which kills all the magic.
  7. Gnomes are real bro. I think Richard Gere shoved one up his ass once.
  8. Where the hell was this filmed lol? A crack house?
    Explains why they be acting all crazy :laughing:
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    Yeah but think about it, how do you know he had any real contact with the maker if the video? He could be telling the truth but with youtube you never know lol. All these videos could be a hoax, but I believe in gnomes (to a certain extent). I know I'm a forgetfull stoner but all my socks keep disappearing and I'm sure I pit them in one spot.....damn gnomes lol
  10. How they appear in the wild:


  11. I'd hit it
  12. Everybody knows that gnomes love sodomy.
  13. what about those little huts in the mayan ruins that were made for tiny people? i went there when i was younger

  14. Whoa whoa whoa... what huts for little people? And they were eithe Mayan or chillin with them? I need pictures! Time to scour google
  15. the first vid, it looks like a marionette.
  16. so that's where verne troyer is
  17. haha. looked like a shadow.
  18. Why would they be scared?

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