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    Ok, so I dont know if anyone remembers my old thread from yesterday, but I met this girl. Well, I forgot her last name, and I still didnt get her number....I was planning to get her facebook but I forgot it. I remember the first two letter but it is not enough, there are thousands of people with her first name, and the first two letter of her last name.

    I really wanted to talk to her tonight and my plans are once again fucked over. I doubt she knows my last name either because I didnt spell it out or anything. fuck, I know what floor she lives on but no idea which room.

    Its an apartment building too, not a dorm, so I cant exactly go knocking. She mentioned something about a meeting she has with some students on her floor tonight....or maybe it was tomorrow night. idk though, I dont know how else I could find her beside knocking on every door on the 30th floor...

    im not even smoking right now, fuck my memory...

    edit: 14 apartments per floor.

    and who knows if shes home..

    she probably is though.
  2. Do any of your friends know her?
  3. that sucks dude.

    on a side note, t-breaks are much more fun after the third day. i feel ya.

  4. what friends...

    no seriously, I dont know anyone else here, just started like 2 days ago.
  5. Oh yea, she isnt on the schools list of students either, like she didnt list it under her profile so I cant search by school either.
  6. tough luck man....there are lots more fish in the sea....
  7. nah, im not done yet bro. Tomorrow I will have to find a way to see her, I know where her locker is so that will work I guess. I just feel like she thinks I might not like her. I have been trying to drop subtle hints, and I know she likes me....but like me, she is also pretty shy.
  8. bro relax you will eventually see her again, so take this expeirience as a lesson that when you see her again you will seize the oppurtunity

    and dont make it seem like you were looking for her when you do see her again cause that would be stalker status and not attractive in her eyes

    also keep looking for other chicks to keep your options open

    gl next time and keep us posted

  9. yea if anything I have been playing it real safe. I didnt sit with her in class because I would have had to crawl over like 50 people, but I sat down with her at lunch and we talked about random shit and she was smiling the whole time and kept looking back at me to make sure I was following her. I know that she likes me, but I also know that she is shy. I just cant handle this, its like a fucking rollercoaster of emotions, I am not used to this at all. Tomorrow will be a good opportunity though, I will get her number and hopefully we will be able to sort out some stuff, maybe a date, maybe some lunch or something.
  10. I hope you watch seinfeld...if not, you should watch the episode: The Stakeout. Very similar situation - Jerry meets a girl, doesn't get her name, but knows where she works. So he waits in the lobby until she comes out and "bumps into her." You just have to make up an excuse as to why you were there. I'm meeting a friend for lunch: Art Vandelay, he's an importer/exporter.
  11. be more agressive

    i had the same exact situation where i used to live and i fucking dropped the ball

    all of my thinking that maybe she liked me was confirmed over myspace from her friends after it was too late
    after i moved 386 miles away

    take my advice if wat you say is true its a 99.9% chance she probly is interested in you

    learn from my mistakes and dont fuck this one up im rooting for you :hello:
  12. dam man im in the same situation.

    Search for her ass, or pull the fire alarm and watch everyone flee out and grab her saving her from the "fire"

    you will be a hero and she'll be like "oh my, what bravery" sounds good eh? couple bowls and it will, got to get on my level so we can think the same, intertwined thoughts throught the internet.
  13. Haha, okay, I will watch that tonight, im bored as fuck lol
    Hey thanks for your help, yea I think I do need to be a bit more aggressive, so far I have been pretty "soft" to her, just asking questions about her life, and telling her about mine (except her last name :eek:). I have a good knack for knowing when girls like me, mostly because in the past they have always approached me and I would know like a week in advance, but with her, its different, we always just happen to see each other and start talking, and I normally have a bit of social anxiety, but when I am with her I can talk to anyone.

    I know it sounds cheesy, but you know how people say when one completes the other? Well I think its true, not saying that I am gonna marry this chick, just saying how all my problems seem to go away when im around her. And I think she would be down to toke too, I didnt ask yet, but she parties so yea..:D

    Maybe I will pay a crackhead to do it for me :D

    jk tho
  14. You said you live in an apartment, right? Can you check the mailboxes? Sometimes apartments will put the last name of the resident on the boxes, so you could use deduction to narrow it down.
  15. lol hell yea crackheads will do anything, i had 2 crackheads to move all of the shit outta my house when i moved for $15 each (i had alot of shit)

    anyway yea i know wat you mean about that feeling but its too late for me now so gl and let us know if you get her
  16. I actually thought of this, but the names on the mailboxes are inside of the mailbox and they are locked, and security is really tight here, no way i could get into the mail room.

    but yea, I dont know what it is but girls have been all over me lately, I dunno, my life just seems to be piecing itself together:D

    Really, the only things I have been doing is acting more confident, speaking up, and dressing really works haha.
  17. If it's really that deep, then just go, roll up smoke and make those that good trip. I mean honestly, I wouldn't sweat it cause more than likely you gone see her again, but if you feel like you just can't wait, then go to her building and get your knock on. lol i would knock personally, but that's just me.

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  18. Just wait to bump into her again, don't put to much effort into it because it seems like you'll have plenty if opportunities in the future. When you do see her again ask her on a date, or just a place where you can have a more intimate 1 on 1 conversation, and get to know her better.

    Good luck man, I'm rooting for ya. :D
  19. That is a 1 in 14th chance, constantly being narrowed down until you get to her...

    I do not understand your dilemna, the solution is right in front of you. People are understanding, don't shy away man. An opportunity is an opportunity, you either embrace it or coward away from it. The answer is clear in my eyes...

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