Omg cringe.

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  1. I got a question that is killing me... Why the hell did you watch a video with blow job tips? Trying to get your skill up or something? xD

    But I couldn't really care about her accent if she gave me a blowjob since all I would hear then is gag-gag-gag-gag-gag-slurrrrrp-gag-gag-gag. Was that inappropriate? lol
  2. Sorry, don't really see a problem with it. It could always be worse, she could sound like she came from the deepest darkest depths of Derbyshire...

  3. anyone read the tiny part that says she's 15?

    if you don't like sex and gore you won't like my blog"
  4. That made me hard

  5. You sir, are a pedophile :)

  6. It came up on my dash, so I opened it... I was just curious as to how awful it would be haha
  7. day time threads suck lol

  8. Right? I thought I was the only one who noticed

  9. :looks at your location:

    No wonder you guys were rioting..

  10. Lol that actually made me laugh. And it is only the thick chavs that riot. I had no part in any of it :cool:
  11. Na, that makes him a ephebophile. Id bet money you are to.

  12. :laughing:

    What's a thick chav??
  13. I know what a chav is, its basically what they call wiggers that live in the UK.


    I guess a thick chav is just a fatass one?
  14. stupid wiggers would be the translation
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    You, sir, don't know what pedophile means:)
  16. lol well in ireland we have two brands of total assholes , one ...the pikey ( a breed of gypsys who fight everybody and rob everybody , they make life hell if you live near them ) and scumbags ( just normal people who are little shits who will rob ya and bate ya , )however i know some good scumbags who sell my weed so i cant complain , anybody from dublin will know what i mean , i live in tallaght and its a real shithole

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