"OMG COPS...lolz joking"

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by NotoriiouzZ, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. who else has a friend that has said that at a reaaaaaaaalllyyyy bad time.

    im not one to sketch out, but dont you just hate when people say that shit to trip you out? pisses me off so much !:mad:
  2. people who do that dont get invited to future parties
  3. That's when people get one square to the jaw.

  4. Trust that ^^

    If I heard a friend that I trust yell out COPS!! The first thing I'm doing is losing evidence. If I threw away a bag over a friend being a retard I would do what brick city said and make his jaw lean.
  5. lmfao its such a bitch move aint it?
  6. One time I was cruising with some of my friends, and I was a senior, my friend was a senior, and the other a freshman, whos friend came with us. We smoked a couple joints, and parked the car in a parking lot (which only has 1 exit/entrance) and this annoying kid who I barely knew yes "dude theres cops over there", exactly when I roll down my window to let the smoke out, so I threw the car in drive and snuck out the parking lot, the just rushed down the street as quick as possible, the kids starts cracking up saying "gotcha idiot" stopped the car made him walk.
  7. I've stopped smoking with people for doing that shit. That's a cardinal sin in smoking circles.
  8. What's worse are fucking tow trucks. Anyone who's been snuck up on by one of them with their lights on know what I'm talking about, and everyone screams "COPS!"
  9. Even mentioning the chance of getting caught is fucking annoying.
  10. All this talk about getting caught has me all.... :(
  11. I guess i better not say i have ever done that before then....:bolt:

  12. My god, this happened so bad once.
    Me and two mates went to Paris on the ferry when we were about 16 and we had taken about a 8th. Now we were in the rougher areas of Paris in a hotel and we eventually found a place to toke up in a hardware, Wal-Mart type thing behind some bushes. Now this place is kinda sketchy and made worse by the homeless man sleeping like 10 feet from us :eek:
    Then my freind shouts 'RUN, THE COPS'
    Was not cool in the fucking slightest, didn't enjoy the rest of the toke sesh.
  13. my buddy always knockes on doors and walls and shit and when your stoned you automatically think cops. I always run to make sure everything is away. I hate it.
  14. Me and my brother use to go down to a field next to this neighborhood, this place had hills in all directions that would keep from being seen while we toke, though a single cop has rolled by before. Now, as he was sitting with the pipe, he suddenly had a face of panic and reeled back up against the passenger door. "What?" I asked in panic and he replied "Cops!". I look behind me suddenly, nothing but sand and weeds. Still enjoyed the sesh though.
  15. Me and my 2 friends that I always hang out with always get eachother doing that. Usually it's when we've smoked a blunt and then drive around while still having more weed on us. I got them good as fuck the other day. They rushed to put on their seatbelts and it was so funny.
  16. Not as a joke but when my friend is stoned the old lady walking down the street is a cop to him.
  17. Well I'll tell my story anyway.

    I was at Buena Vista park in San Francisco, and near the top. We were chilling on a log, smoking a blunt. Two of our friends come running down and yell "We see what your doing, freeze it's the police!" So I get out of there ballsass, but keep in mind the hill is at a 80 degree angle or so, so I go straight down and tumble down this entire hill. Friends call my phone, tell me to come back up, all good.

    But I did drop the blunt, but it's fine we found it and just unrolled it and packed it in bowls.
  18. My friend kept yelling "COPS!" randomly yesterday. NOT COOL :mad:
  19. I had a friend tell me he couldn't get the sack.. So then 5 miles down the road we get pulled over and sure enough.. "Uhh guys I have the sack". I lost it on him and told him to shut the fuck up. But we are tight.
  20. I swear next time someone does this shit to me and they say, "Just kidding!" i'm going to turn around and punch them right in the fucking face without warning.
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