Omg Bush Is A Fucker!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by elementxero, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. look at this. I was reading his fucking absurd speech that he gave the ultimatum in. Look at what he said:

    "One reason the U.N. was founded after the Second World War was to confront aggressive dictators actively and early, before they can attack the innocent and destroy the peace."

    What, you mean like THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD AGREES THAT YOU ARE?! You are the agressive dictator you fucking doushe! Not like you are destroying the peace or anything right? AAAAAAAAAARGH so frustrating!!!!

    ps-happy 500th post to me.
  2. grats on the posts, yeah bush is a fucker
  3. I agree completely Element, and I have a lot to say, but right now my fingers hurt from ranting in the 'it's war day' thread so maybe I'll come back later and say something.

    congrats on the posts, yer catching up with me

    edit: check this out
  4. yeah, and if that was the way it was then the UN would be an dictator themselves, 'cos "early" here means before they can do anything so basicly anytime. And that's what Bush is doing, it seems that the peoples opinion doesn't matter anymore.
  5. S


    it won't change anything. i promise.

  6. yeah... what he said... things get changed by people who voice their opinions... NOT by people who keep their opinions to themselves.
  7. let me say this.

    this is the same thing happan round WW2, chamberlan and the rest of europ was just giveing hitler what we wanted thinking that this will shut him up...but as we did not shut him up one bit......if we keep giveing him what we wants he just gunna get bigger and bigger and bigger...then all most rule the would..almost like hitlier..we got to stop staddam NOW!! BE FOR ITS TO LATE!!!!

  8. YES

  9. sorry to say but i think u totally sucked in by Bush's propaganda machine. saddam is NOT as massive a threat to international security as you might think. he has been contained for the past 12 years since he was "let off" and in more recent times progress WAS being made, slow progress yes.. but progress none the less. and it was being done peacefully and legally and in a 'moral' way. and weapons were beggining to be destroyed. effectivly no-one was being killed, and the end goal of cleaning up/removing his regiem could have been achieved through this route... but we will never know now because, now... it's the cowboys turn.


    yes the Iraqi people want saddam out. Yes many of them are willing to endure another war. but is this really the reason bush wants to go in? ... NO. just a few hours ago a breif outline of what would happen to iraq after military action was released from the white house... basically the currently state run oil is going to go private... "how can it go private when iraq is broke?" u might ask... well that's where the outside investment comes in... american investors... sickening huh?
    alot of innocent people are going to die. ...and through it all even at this stage we learn... it was all about oil after all. :(

    this ALL fits in with the greater plan concieved in the early 90's by those currently in power to create a new Americanised world in this century/millenium. its happening. and do you know why it's happening? because truth IS stranger than fiction... so strange that is unbeleivable.... so unbeleivable that they will get away with it until it's too late and irreversable.

    this is the reach for a similar goal that the Nazi's had... and it's not saddam who is the perpitrator.. it's bush and his pals. this is the great americanisation globalisation plan. and the cultures or ideals of other nations aint part of that plan.

    we r fucked. the wheels have been set in motion.
    the only people who can really stop this are the American people.

    sorry if that sounds heavy handed.. but that's the way it is.
  10. maybe china will stop it....

    maybe china will become the new super power.
  11. does the world need a single predominant superpower?

    maybe, just maybe this whole mess will lead to a world where we don't need to learn the same lessons over and over again, maybe this will finally be the time that people realize how truly unecessary war is. Maybe, in the end, no one will hold all the cards.

    america is china is russia is england is greece

    what i'm saying here is that it's happened over and over again and each time someone has reached too far and messed it up for everyone

    maybe the solution is for no one to have 'the most' power
  12. yes.

    through all my ranting somone else always says it better and faster.

    the world needs to start thinking about the world.
  13. digit you are my thoughts personified ;)

  14. I agree with you guys for the most part, this is nothing like WW2. But I do think this was the only way to effectively bring about a regime change. I admit that the U.S. has a fucked-up foriegn policy, but I think of this war as separated by the simple fact that it is just. I don't neccessarily think that the Bush is doing it for the right reasons, but in the end, I think he's doing the best thing possible. It's fucked up that oil is such a major concern, that people will die for it, but that is the way it is. This war can't be justified by oil, but it will play an important part in the reconstruction process. The privitization of the oil industries in Iraq will lead to better paying jobs for those workers, and an invigoration into Iraq's decade-long economic stagnation. I know that stagnation has been caused by us, but again, that was done justly. Unless of course you go back into the Cold War and see our aid to Iraq then as the real cause of this whole deal, which it was. Our policies are still fucked up, but they are certainly better than they were then.

  15. this is so key.
  16. I'm not gonna deny that we've been a bunch of fucks. I think the current actions are simply ammending our grievous mistake. And I think we are doing the right thing, finally.
  17. The ends don't justify the means in this case and the means are going to lead to a lot of bad things. Once again I must state that we are crossing a line; we are doing something that will give a free pass to anyone that can gain control of this country that can also convince the population that war has to happen to do what they want concerning the lives of millions. They've made it possible to start a war without support from anyone and they don't care what that sets in motion. I personally think that Dubya is the worst possible person that could have done this anyway but even if I didn't I wouldn't support this war. Dubya and the people who infjuence (control is more like it) him are trying to set a precedent, no they have set a precedent of unchallenged power. This is a very scary time for America indeed.
  18. I still agree with the idea of a war to take Saddamout, but I think Bush made the wrong decision with the whole "shock and awe" bullshit. That WILL cause many more, unnecessary, terrorists. You gotta go in nice and easy, stop using such large bombs that really don't cause collateral damage but really piss people off. I think surgical strike would be better than shock and awe. Whatever. The immediate fighting will probably be over quickly if the current situation is any indication.
  19. you guys don't know the true reason that they bombed today, so don't bash it. let's wait and see what we got before we cast judgements on the president's actions.

    ok. now quote me and disagree.

  20. YES!!, and i also have to add this..i think its a little e-zer for u guys to say that, we sould not be bomeing them. and that hes not much of a thret as hitler was..well for one U dont know that. and 2 U dont have a pyicopathink dictotor hateing every little way that u live and just iching to lanch 100's of nuks at ur just think of it that way..then tell me how u fell thanks...peaces....MrSbb

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