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Omg Best Idea Eveeeeerrrr!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by SwissChris, Jul 24, 2004.

  1. OK OK I AM SO HIGH SO HERE IT GOES: I was looking through the house for stuff i could mix weed in and then I stumbled accross a jello mix carton....then i was like ahhh jellow shots + weed = green dragon jello shots!!!! OH MY GAWD I will try this tomorow night F_O SHOE....
  2. Ya think it's gonna taste any good?

    Do you mean with vodka anf weed? Tell me how it worked, sure sounds good...
  3. see for jellow shots you need 1/2 water and 1/2 alcohol....

    so you take some stems stick them in a jar/bottle with come vodka or pref. 150 proof and leave it for 3-4 weeks and then make the jellow as described dragon-the weed-alcohol mix is called this...its a very nice high supposidly i havent had one yet but i am gonna try it tomorow night

    jellow shots are like the typical college thing...its crazy you can eat like 20 and be fine...and then 40 minutes later your dead lol
  4. it might work i personally dont like greendragon anymore lol and anything over 100 proof will literally tear and eat apart your insides ive had to be to the dr. sevral times for pains in my chest and shit from drinking stuff thats too stong :/ take those stems you got and make some oil ive heard thats good too but im not sure how many stems you need to make it but above all else enjoy man fill us in on what it is you finally concoct :D
  5. What's 150 or 100 PROOF?
  6. proof = 2x the percentage of acohol

    for example, 100 proof means its 50% alcohol
  7. why do ppl always have to try and create weird stupid ways of using yoru weed, dont waste, roll a fuckin joint and smoke it
  8. Its alchahol with a very high content. like 90 something percent. a couple shots and your GONE. Weed is soluble in alchahol, so if you sooak bud in like 150 proof for a few days its suppost to get you fucked up.
  9. PPl are just being creative your jerk, our ability to create is what seperates us from the animals.

  10. Man you need to smoke some better stuff or get a BJ. I personally love to be creative with my weed. I create new things to smoke with from or out of. I show off my inventions, its retarded i know but hey it keeps me productive.
  11. he also said hes using stems to make the green dragon. Don't tell me you roll joints with your stems.
  12. I think thats a great idea. Let us all know how the concoction comes out. and if its worth my trying
  13. Is that so people actually have to use teir brain when they drink? Hm this is 100 it's I'm gonna get pissed haha

    Do they write both proof AND %alc on the bottles?

  14. Yup, they do.

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