Omg based god

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  1. Lil B is the best rapper EVER. Who's with me? :D
  2. I am not :cool:
  3. It's his birthday today, pay respect to the based god and bitch mob.
  4. [quote name='"deoxygenated"']It's his birthday today, pay respect to the based god and bitch mob.[/quote]

    I love how you knew this. I give you cool points.
  5. God's Father one of the greatest mixtapes of all time
  6. i thought his stuff was all a joke...

    not trolling...but seriously thought it was all a big joke on the rap game...maybe i haven't heard the right tracks? seems, for the most part, to be him talking over a throw away beat calling himself a "pretty bitch"
  7. He has some serious tracks, pretty much all of I'm gay was serious. But most people don't listen to it because he can't flow for shit lol.
  8. i don't dig him. but diff strokes for diff folks.
  9. Happy Based Day
  10. Task force reporting in. Protect lil b at all costs.

    Bitch mob swag
  11. Damn, BasedGod. How do you do it?

    You're world famous, you're making all that money, you're running around with so many good-looking bitches of all flavors AND you're a deep philosopher. A true thinker.

    Lil B > Socrates
  12. [ame=]Lil B - Worldwide - Track 16 - YouTube[/ame]

    Lil beeeeee

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