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Omfg Lol Freevibes Is Halarious Read This Hahaha

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MrGiggleS, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Lisa
    Drugs are TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Believe me. Just say NO. Don't even question it. Adults know what they're talking about when they educate us about drugs. They just want to help us and keep us safe, even thought we think they just don't want us to have fun. Maybe if my sister had listened good advice about drugs she wouldn't have overdosed on marijuana and she would still be here. Believe me, it's not worth it.

    uhh i think she was doing something more then the majestic mary jane hahahaha
  2. I'd like to question that kid about how his sister over dosed on pot. Also, why is it that Freevibe will post this obvious misinformation, yet won't post any positive aspects of pot by anyone.
  3. The official Freevibe boards policy...

    "If you are in middle school or high school, this site is for you! If you are an adult, there are so many places to discuss the important issues surrounding drug use and abuse on the Internet - leave these boards for actual teens."

    -Meaning they don't want anyone over 18 who knows the actual truth from life experince.

    "Freevibe will put up all posts that do not conflict with the guidelines below. All posts are from real teens who have real issues that they want to discuss."

    -They only post from those who agree with them or say something so foolish that they must be 13 years old.

    "The only reason your post wouldn't go up is if:
    You blatantly promote the use of substances that are illegal or unhealthy for minors."

    -Does this include the Bic Mac combo meal?

    "You include crude or obscene language-if you can't say it on MTV or UPN or FOX, you shouldn't say it here. Asterisks may be substituted for profanities in otherwise good posts.
    Your post contains information that has nothing to do with the topics being discussed--or which doesn't make sense at all.
    You promote, suggest violence or slander any social group.
    Your post is clearly written by someone beyond Freevibe's age group."

    -Those who clearly write with a college education need not bother here. These boards are only for the uneducated.

    "Your post contains e-mail, phone or other contact information. These may be replaced with asterisks."

    - No links to "other" truth sites, like

    If there is a post that doesn't fit within these guidelines, it is up to the moderator to use his or her best judgment based on their training."

    -Big Brother must approve of your post before it is deemed "truth".

    "Many messages contain rumors and other misleading info. In these cases, the Freevibe board moderator will post the message but also add our two cents with:
    Facts taken directly from the "Lowdown" area, with the URL provided.
    Information taken directly from the National Institute on Drug Abuse or another reliable source, with either a specific acknowledgement or the URL provided.
    We will always sign our posts "Freevibe", so you'll know it's from the moderator. "

    -This only applys to rumors that they can disprove. If you attempt to post a legitimate fact that goes against their doctrine, the post simply will be deleted before it is read by anyone.

    Clearly Freevibe is not a site for the free exchange of information and opinions, but just a promotional tool for the Partnership for a Drug Free America.

    On a totally unrelated note, did anyone happen to count how many drugs were advertised during the Superbowl this year? How many of those were for boner pills? The last thing the govenrment wants is a "drug-free America".
  4. Wouldn't that be a form of brain-washing?
  5. I'd love to see the whole NORML organization devote thieir efforts to changing freevibe's policy. SQUASH THEM LIKE A LITTLE BUG!! Thats what I wanna see..

    That site makes me sick... IT SO ONE SIDED (ok, I know everyone knows this as well, venting...) WHAT CAN ONE PERSON DO? I've made a donation to Norml last year.. I plan on donating some this year as well... And besides going to law school, or running for politics, what more is there for just one person to do to stop this shit??
  6. No slandering any social group eh??


    pure bullshit
  7. Well, seriously, how can you expect them to allow pro-marijuana posts? Anyone who is pro-marijuana, probably smokes weed. And, as we all know, if you smoke weed, youre a fucking nutter who has no clue whats going on in the world around him and you dont care about anything. They simply can not allow us totally insane mother fuckers to be posting blatent lies since were not in the right state of mind, now can they?
  8. Im going to go undercover on Freevibe and post shit. My first posts will be complete bullshit like all the others ("Oh please help me! the demon weed has taken over my soul! AHHH") and then every post after that will have more and more truthful information about pot. (I.E. that you CANNOT overdose on it, LOL!)

  9. I tried somethin like that, but I think they might have banned me because my posts are never shown??:( I tried posting a link to erowid...but again I didn't see my post up there. Other people should try and spread the truth on that site, if enough people do, we might get through to some people? or maybe im just bein optimistic...
  10. lol...the higher I get the more fun it seems to speak the truth over there... what if everyone did it? sure they would delete them, but thats all they would have time to be doing. They wouldn't be able to do anything else because they keep pressing the delete key.. yeah...that'd fuck them over..But you would need thousands of stoned stoners every day. They would close the forum down..thats what I want at least... :smoke:
  11. I think I might start a website called with a very fair and balanced view on drugs and weed. And a huge banner that says "Fuck Freevibe"......
  12. We should have a contest:

    Who can make up the most rediculous story and get it posted on freevibe. We can talk about lsd and marijuana overdoses and shit like that. I think I'm about to go do this now...hehe.
  13. Okay I did one:

    nickname: TeaACHseeChrisTLES

    Im 17, and my brother is 22. Well was 22.... before he was killed in a car acsident. You see he was driving while very hgih and it made him sycho. He used to be very layedback but once he became a druggy he got violent and agresive. He even told my mom he wished shE was dead so he couldd use her money for drugs.before this happend he overdosed on lsd, but God gave him another chance but he skrewd it up. Now hes in hell with satan and I kry myself to slep every nite. I even startd to wet my bed ocasionaly since he passed. I hope people realise that marawana is a killer and it is illegal for a reason.
  14. that story is priceless! lmao

  15. HHA NICE. now you gotta follow that up about how your sister overdoes on oxygen by breathing too much
  16. that story is priceless! lmao

  17. Lol, this one is so fake man.
  18. ok this is actually off of freevibe

    "Guilty_conscience (1/29/2004 8:00:17 PM)
    i was smoking some weed for the first time with some of my buds. i remember it was really fun and we went to sleep, but i woke up naked in a bath tub. i looked around and i couldnt tell where i was, i found my clothes covered in blood in the next room and i ran out and took a bus home. they are running news reports about a nun being attacked in my town. i think i might have done it. what should i do?"

    i dont know about u guys but i that story tops all.


  19. When I read the part about him waking up in a bath tub I thought it was gonna be one of those things where they cut his kidneys out so they can sell them.......
    Here's my story for Freevibe:
    "This one time I was smoking a fatty joint in the park when a guy came up to me and was like "wanna buy some crack?". I just looked him in the face and told him "I don't do drugs, man." After all, you should say no to drugs......"

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