omfg im dying!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Peaceful Rocker, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. okay i have a drug test april 5th.. i have a sack of weed just sitting on my table and i am giving it SERIOUS FUCKING CONSIDERATION.

    I am really really wanting to smoke this sack, if i have some pills that will flush with water if i smoke today = cutting it too short?
  2. dont do it
  3. ARgaHGHAGHHAHAHAGHAHAHAHAHA, seriously tired of the DTshouldismoke threads. Use your brain n00b.
  4. im really liking your idea.. what if all next week i start taking these pills i got that are supposed to clean you out.. and couple days before drink looooots of water.. and excersice it off?? is 11 days cutting it too close?

    plus i havent been smoking every day like i used to.. actually not much at all, i have hardley ever been smoking
  5. Smoke it all
  6. heh im not thinking about smoking an entire O, im just sayin a couple bowls
  7. okay i've given it enough consideration, atm i am holding in this huge bong rip ;) god damn im stupid. couple bowls never hurt anyone

  8. A couple bowls have caused failed DT's tho.
  9. too late now, im already almost done with bowl number one, and startin bowl numero dos

  10. Well now that you've started, theres no harm in smokin more bowls! :smoke:

    Have fun, its about that time :)smoking:) for me.
  11. dont smoke, pass the test, smoke alot to celebrate
  12. smoke smoke smoke pass the test and smoke some more!
  13. i agree.
  14. WAIT! what's yoru body type? are you a big husky guy? or a skinny guy?

    My brother passed a DT in 3 days(didnt know about it) and he smoked every day up until he learned about it. We both have crazy ass metabolisms...i could eat a whole cow and still be a stick. The faster the metabolism, the faster the stuff gets out of your system.

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