Omfg I Have To Quit Or Move!

Discussion in 'General' started by Rampede, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. GOD MOTHA FUCKIN DAMNIT! My dad went out and bought a qp tooo sell and he took out 2 ounces for himself and shit, well.......i didn't even know they had it. Well they have had it for like a month now and he said he went to sell an ounce today and there was only 1 1/4 of an ounce left......and he said this tooo me "Ryan, i have three quarters of an ounce missing, so when that 1 1/4 is gone...your quittin smoking because i know i didnt smoke it and neither did your mom. " " and if i catch you smoking im either beating your ass or im kicking you out."

    Mind you, my mother knows nothing about in she has no clue he thinks i took it. She KNOWS i wouldnt steal from them....but he is an irrational asshole who thinks the world is out to get him...including me...his son. And i am fucking appauld that he would actually think for a SECOND that i would do that to him..or any stoner for that matter. So i am very upset and i need to vent. Problem is...he sold that ounce today and now he only has a quarter...and that sucks because i just picked up 3/4 of an ounce yesterday and thats why he thinks i stole looks nothing like his weed....mine is greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen and STANKY...his is not so green..and you guessed it...not so stanky.... I am sooo pissed because i have to smoke 3/4 in like a week of some dank shit that costed an arm or two...i dont like rushing to smoke..i like savoring my bud and making it last....i only smoke alot in one session at a smoke out...

    Guys, help me out. I dont know what the hell to do in this situation, i didnt steal his bud...nor have i ever. But he doesnt believe me...he said that he found his scale in my room...WELL DUH...i dont have one!! I needed it to weigh my 3/4 to seeeee how fat it was. i even told him that...he thinks that i went to his room and took his ounce and the scale and took 3/4 out of his ounce and put the 1/4 back and kept the scale. HES AN ASS it pisses me off soooooo bad....well, i love you GC PEace!! yeah..peace...right.....*rolls eyes*
  2. Dude what are you expecting people on this forum to tell you? I cant really think of any advice that would be of help to you right now besides, talk it out with you dad.
    Its not like you can post your whole story and get a miraculous answer that will solve all your problems. YOU need to go figure out a solution with you father.
  3. Lebowski said it best.
  4. show him yer buds and be like...yer shit sucks, this is what i have. i got the stinky green; you get some REGicide
  5. And I know better (now) than to go playing the authority figure with the "grow up!" sort of attitude with Rampede... that sure didn't work before... remember my 'poor me' comments? That's what I'd be saying all over again if I hadn't just apologized to him in the Official "I'm Sorry" Thread. But like I said, I know better than that... :rolleyes: :cool:
  6. Thats sucks sell the weed to get up some cash and move out or maybe with you baby mama.
  7. Seriously, you guys are like not cool..........and that one dude that was sayin the poor me comments, well you sir...need to shut the fuck up. because i dont need this shit.

    But for the other 2 or 1 or w/e thanks
  8. your rents are paranoid.
    you should move, if your over eighteen, its time.
    you sound so "emo" i could puke...
  9. honestly he sounds like a dirt bag if hes a parent and selling weed so fuck him and move out
  10. lol thats funny, i'm dying..anyway, i think you should start thinking for yourself and maybe stand up to your dad.but hey what do i know

  11. Youre the only person ive ever seen on the board with 2x-rep. Yeah, and great comment :rolleyes: , what makes him a dirtbag if hes selling weed? If your dealer had a son he would suddenly become a dirtbag?

  12. Lmao, no im not emo. My friend is..and hes a But yeah...the only reason i posted on here is because i just wanted gc to know how much of assholes my parents are. Not tryin to be like ooooo helpith, no...just no..emofags suck so much ass they can just go die.

    But dude, i love your display pic! lol....and if i know who that is...i dont think im emo..

  13. That explains my first post. :rolleyes:
  14. Uhh Id say smoke some of his bud with him one night..
    next day smoke yours
    show difference....
  15. thats a pretty stupid hes gonna be able to move out with the $300 max he would get from selling 3 quarters
  16. if my dealer had a son that was 18 and he was re-upping in ounces then ya hes a fucking dirt bag.

  17. You sound like you should get out of the house more, and cheer up man.
  18. I say you move.
  19. Parents can be like that... if he's completely unreasonable then there's nothing you can do. Just keep shit on the down low till you move out.
  20. Need to relax, its not that bad...just quit..its just you cant go a few months without bud...i couldn't, but im retarded...just do what emrandel said:"just keep shit on the down low"

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