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omfg...i hate some people who are idiots

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JCrohn, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Seriously...i hate people that try to sell you stuff and then you ask them about know...sativa or indica, and the strain...whether or not its a hybrid...growing conditions, etc.

    "Dude, whats this stuff called?"


    I hate these people and think they need to get their knowledge straight.

    that is all. :smoking:
  2. Most people don't care that much about strain names. Plus, unless your getting it from a grower or dispensary, you really can't believe names too much because many dealers lie about what they have or hype it up to get you to pay more.
  3. I feel ya man....

    Its like, if you want to sell your shit, THEN know your shit! Better sale and the peeps will come back for more.:hello:

  4. I definitely agree, but sometimes those places aren't open or i have to opt for people on the street.

    meh. it just bugs me how idiotic some people are and make the herb look bad. :x
  5. word.

    find a grower my dude. :D [alot easier said then done i know..]
  6. Damn dude, you need that much info just to buy a sack and be happy?

    Just ask 2 questions
    1. Shit good?
    2. How much?
  7. that is a bit in excess to ask your dealer but i feel you dude
  8. Not knowing the strain or the growing conditions or anything else of that sort about it doesn't make someone an idiot. That'd be the same as if I were to buy something from a liquor store and concluded that the person was a total retard because they didn't know exactly how it was made and all the conditions. Not everyone who sells grows it themselves and not even all the people who grow always know the specific strain and such. : P Nothing to do with being an idiot and it in no way makes anything look bad.

  9. This is entirely irrelevant to the thread but: your sig is BUGGED OUT.
  10. i wish i could find a dealer like the one on the bike from half baked... he went to weed college :smoking:
  11. Back in the day, my dealers didn't know shit about their weed. Now that I buy heady more often, they know strain names and types and such. But still for mids, they usually don't know. They just say it's some good or something.
  12. ^^^This

    If you want to know what you're smoking either make friends with a trusted grower or buy it at a medical dispensary. Street dealers are not going to know anything about what they are selling 90% of the time. Most of the time if they tell you a name or even if it's Sativa or Indica they are making it up or at best guessing.
  13. My personal favorite is:

    "Yo I got those fire regs"
    "Dude, shut up, you've got regs."
  14. When I've bought weed, I never ask the dealer what the strain name is, let alone if it's Indica or Sativa...

    I don't feel like being lied to.
  15. Jesus you're right.
  16. I would only expect people in the ring around the grower to know what the strain really is. It's like the game telephone from when we were kids. The first person knows the message but by the end of the line the communication gets lost.
    So, "Sour Diesel" just becomes "dank" by the time it reaches your hand.

    Where I live nobody knows strain names. It's not really a big deal. Examine the product, test it if necessary, that is the method of knowing whether or not it's a good deal. I could go grab a bag of mids and throw it at somebody and call it whatever I wanted but it doesn't make it any more potent.

    Ya' dig? :smoking:

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