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  1. I have some sort of black things inside my buds. I have some bugs. but not like this. I cracked open a bud only to find a bunch of little black egglike things. I REALLY FREAKIN HOPE THEY ARENT. But i have no idea what they are. some of the inside of the flower has been eaten away.

    I am willing to use pesticides at this point. not only is this disgusting but a whole 3 months of work is about to go down the shitter... Please help me.
  2. Is it possible to get a pic up ???

    It "sounds" like caterpillar shit.

  3. Dude you were right! i went out to take pics

    He was only in the cola. should i expect others?

  4. Is it normal to only find 2-3 on it? it was only in the cola.
  5. no thats not normal it looks like eggs or poop from a caterpillar
  6. Pillarz are terible this year.

    Thats the eggs we see, but theres lotsa nasty shit in there too.
    The fuckerz crawl in the dense budz and make a home. The home becomes a mansion,
    as it eats away. The shit makes it worse.

    Ya man, u can bet theres more.

    If u can, get some "Spinosad". It will do a good job on them.
    Follow the directions exactly. It wont hurt the bud or the taste.

    Act quick - hand pick whatever u can, but be careful not to damage the trichs too

  7. i probably already have. i was freaked out. DAMNIT. how much is that going to be? fuuuuuck.

    This is horrible. they are in one plant. that ones growth is stunted a lot. :( this is horrible news.
  8. For under $20. u will save some budz.

  9. Thanks harvey
  10. Youre welcome...

    :confused: Freak
  11. HAHA. your avatar is 2 face mann. they pretty much destroyed the very top. so i had to cut it. i treated the very top. but they're no traces of them being anywhere else. no poops. no worms.
  12. Lol. Fuck, am I ever slow today.

    Thats good news bro, but keep your eyes peeled.

  13. thanks for the help

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