OMFG Halo Movie

Discussion in 'General' started by WilliamSparks98, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Wow.

    I am defintely looking foward to this.
  2. yea i know, wasnt that video fuckin awesome!
  3. what is the big fat deal about halo? people freak out about this game soooooo much. i aint bashin gamers but damn its just a video game. i like to play my xbox as much as the next guy but only if im bord as fuck and got nothin better to do. what is it about these games that addict people so much? i actually lost one of my best friends cus he turned into a game fanatic and now takes games more serious than real life. he will no shit start a fight if someone says he sucks at halo. seriously i just dont get it.
  4. Haha, I laughed at that, no offense or anything but I know exactly where you're coming from. Sophomore year in highschool I played WoW WAY too much, and after I got done playing that I pretty much stopped playing games completely because I realized they're a waste of time. I play madden occasionally now but that's about it. I tried to give you +rep but I need to spread it around first :/
  5. I play a lot of games, just because i have a fair amount of free time, and most things I do revolve around my place, and I'm usually very good at games I play.

    But I NEVER get pissed or anything, because its, ya know... just a game, and it has no real meaning... hell in a game like WoW if someone is bitchin at you, just remember...its the fuckin internet, and they dont know shit about you haha :wave:

    and i cant stand all that competetive bullshit... with games like counterstrike especially, or halo.

  6. Same could be said for weed. Different strokes...
  7. Very true.

    And yeah, I'm looking forward to this. It looks cheesy, but hey; The Halo games are a lot of fun. They have a cool storyline and great gameplay. I've played all three so far, and I'm looking forward to watching this, if nothing else, then for the fact that I know I'll be able to make some connections to it cause I've played all the games. And it's based on something I find entertaining, so it cant be COMPLETE and utter shit. Even if its corny.

  8. Wow, this brings back some memories...
    *Note: Ive never played halo.

    In college, one of my roommates (hated this fucker) was a huge halo 1 addict, and fps addict in general. So, like any typical weekday night in college, we were all drunk and everyone was going to bed for the night, leaving my halo roommate, his friend who was like 28 (also a big halo bird) and me down in the living room. Being in my drunk and obnoxious state, I tell my roommate that he sucks at halo and that I could dominate him in it. He and his friend get pissed and challenge me to a game, but I smugly decline telling them "I like a challenge, you losers are too easy." His friend gets in my face like hes thinking about hitting me, but didn't just cause he knew that I would mop the floor with him, but still, they take the game way too seriously. I always used to tell him that GTA was head and shoulders above halo, just to fuck with him, and he would always get so pissed. It was pretty amusing.
  9. Yea, I feel ya. I play in my free time, I dnt play Halo anymore since I have no xbox anymore.
  10. oh yeah, totally true but im just wondering whats the attraction. weed gets you high and opens your mind. thats why im obsessed with it. im not condeming those obsessed with gaming, just honestly wondering why.
  11. shit is gangsta.
  12. Halo took like 10 hours to beat, you really think thats an addiction?? Its more like oh shit what now i best play on heroic to get my moneys worth.

    the box of halo 1 says "combat evolved"--those 10 hours of gameplay are intense--thats "the deal". And 16 player multiplayer?? the more the marrier..
  13. halo is still the shit, reguardless of how many hours it take to beat it.
  14. thats what Im sayin its not like like WOW where cats play for years straight--id call that an addiction.
  15. ya, but i dont like all the crazy halo fans that get master chief tattoos and shit, i bet you they would even suck his dick just to let them hold his BR or something...
  16. Now is that "Last One Standing" or an actual Halo movie?
  17. I love that hammer, wreck alot of shit with that thing.
  18. its been featured on last one standing in the discovery channel.

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