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  1. so earlier this year i posted a thread asking if i should tell my parents...welll....i finally did and my dad is completely chill w/ it hes like ya i smoked in high school and stuff and i drank a lot and im like ya i dont like drinking and hes like well thats the only thing i would b worried about cuz drinking can really mess you up due to hangovers and ODing and im like ya....but then he was like ya but ur mom suspected it and is freaking out soooo i can only really talk to my dad about it and smoke when my mom isnt home but still dude FUCK YEAH i was hoping hed b like this i mean he still smokes cigars and shit so...anyways im really fucking excited...i think hes gonna buy me a bong too cuz he wants me 2 do it in a healthy way haha YESSS ...any1 elses parents chill like mine?
  2. bong? healthy?


    get a vap if you want to go abotu the healthy way
  3. My girlfriend's parents are chill as hell about me smoking weed. They even let me do it at their place :D

    The best (and cheapest) way to go about weed the healthy way, is to cook with it. I made a batch of 'enhanced' shortbread cookies about two months ago, and it was fucking AWESOME!

    Glad to hear your dad is so chill about it!
  4. Your lucky dude, i wudnt even dare to confront my rents about it. COncervative rents + weed = Ass wooping!!
  5. heh ya im actually jumping for joy right now....but ya a vap costs too much and a bong is healthier than pipes or Js....i donno if hed lemme cook it in the house tho only if my mom wasnt home but ill look into it :hello:
  6. Thats pretty cool, my parents know I smoke cause I told them a year or so ago, my life was a living hell ever since, still is as matter of fact.
  7. Cool man. I know my parents smoked back in the day, but I still don't let them know I'm a regular toker because if I get a bad grade or something they'll instantly attribute it to smoking...even if I know there is no coorelation.
  8. awesome stuff! glad your dad is chill with it.. it's gonna make smoking all the more enjoyable. =) haha
  9. My dad came in my room today and I had a roach, well the weed was out of the blunt but it was just chillin on a piece of paper on my desk, he was like what is that smell, and he saw the weed and I was like, nothin man.

    And then he's like you better open your windows cause it smells in here, lol.

    He thought I was smoking it though, I told him when we were in the car on the way that it was from a blunt. I guess they semi- dont care but they still think it's on the level of heroin and shit, and that you'll get jail time here in New York (which it is decriminalized) for having it on me. But I tell them, im responsible and what not, and I dont have a worry about getting caught with the cops.

    Then in the store, he was like Pete the painter( cause thats the guy who paints my house ) so I was like imagine if his name was Pete the Pothead, and he's like, No Thats You... lol good times.
  10. Damn I wished my parents seemed cool enough w/ it for me to tell them. I just had a convo w/ my mom 'cuase she got mad I didn't tell her this one girl got pregnant and I told her I'm not the kid who runs home to tell his parents everything and she askedme to be that person adn I basically told her I don't tell her anything . Then she's like well that makes me feel not connected w/ my teenager which I told her, "Yeah I agree..." Then she's like zOMG that makes me not trustworthy of you...what eles don't you tell me. I laughed. :)
  11. my parents found out when they found smoking 'devices' in my caravan...confronted me about it and said they were more pissed about the cigs...doesnt really bring up weed alot sumtimes theyll say "ur eyes are pretty red" or sumthin along those dads mind is set that is a killer tho but we dnt discuss it anymore. peace :smoke:
  12. Thats awesome news bro!! I wish my parents were the same way. Your lucky bro, enjoy being able to relax.
  13. my mom was kinda happy or just really cool about it when she found it but she didnt kno my dad turned me in for having a few ounce sin my closet and imon probation for a yar and shit liek she found my pipes wen they were new a nd clean durign this probation but she just pu tem on my desk and then she found my weed and mde me throw it out but she said if shes finds my weed againsehll kick me out:( but if i can stick it out till next year w/o her finding anythign then itll be ok for it to be back in the open. we joke abou tit alot liek once we were lookin aroudn in ikea (swedish supertorse place in jersey) and she saw these big pots and was oh i liekthese lets get them and i was liek but whta are we gona plant int them and i looked at her and did my eybrow raising thing that looks really funny when i do it fast and we started laughing lol so its pretty chill she doesnt care if i smoke hookah or anything with weed just becaus eil ge tin big trouble for it (maybe she wont recognize hash so i can tell her its like funky tobacco;) :smoke: )
  14. ya like id been comtemplating it for a while cuz i knew of all the bads things that could happen....i finally was just like fuck it they have to respect what i do even if they dont like it my dad just said it was natural and my mom was like well dont use my money to buy drugs haha i was like yes mam sooo glad i dont have to hide it anymore hell let me do it at home cuz he doesnt want me 2 get caught:D hope u guys get the same treatment
  15. yeah my mom would much rather me smoke than drink. she rules.
  16. why is it that i have 324 views but like 16 replies? cmon ppl its not that hard to reply i wanna hear your thoughts

  17. Does it really matter? Just chill out, man. That's awesome though. My parents know I smoke, but it's an awkward topic with them, and I still don't smoke in the house just out of my respect for them.
  18. My dad's chill... whenever I'm home for holidays/summer etc he'll ask me to roll him Js all the time. My mom's alright, she says she doesn't support it but she'll leave me alone. Thing is though, my mom would flip if she knew I toked with the frequency that I do. My dad's definitely cool with it though... he was an every day toker until he was almost 45 years old. Now he's 57, still tokes whenever I'm around. He'd probably do it even more if he had a hookup. Some of his old buddies that still live around his area could hook him up, but mostly because of my little sister (10 years old) and my mom, he really can't smoke very often. Bummer, right? Well anyway, I'm glad to hear that somebody else's parents have a very laid back approach to a toker son :rolleyes:
  19. Man that's wicked! I wouldn't even think of telling my parents that i smoke...or

    My dad might be kinda ok with it but my mom would be so pissed/dissappointed. :(
  20. haha sorry i was really hopped up on coffee and pot so my bad i dont care

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