OMFG do you thinkk i got caught

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ximaica, Aug 25, 2008.

  1. ok this morning i decided to go into the bathroom for a wake and bake while my mom was asleep i had the shour on really hot and i finished my blunt and i opened the window to let the smoke out but i didnt spray the bathroom i decided to do it when i was done shouring but my mom walked in because i forgot to lock the door i was in the shour but she came in annd grabbed her slippers do you think she could smell the smoke or that she saw my roach im way too baked to know if im ust paranoid or what she hasnt said anything but she is on the phone 0mfg i hope i didnt get caught so tell me what you think:smoking:
  2. When does school start again?
  3. Don't waste water just so you can smoke.
  4. You know, people over 18 usually use punctuation and correct spelling while conversing with other humans over the internet. :rolleyes:
  5. don't smoke blunts in your moms bathroom.
    and yea you probably are caught... you left a roach out? and it was a blunt? blunts are pretty stinky, you need a bowl for inside
  6. thats total bullshit
  7. He is so busted...I bet he isn't allowed on the internet anymore.

    Blunt inside is a bad idea
  8. if your mom was asleep.. why the fuck didnt you go outside and smoke the blunt? and come back inside before she wakes up..
  9. I will not even dignify this with a response summer is almost over blades this all should end soon
  10. Shour?

    Really?... :(
  11. True that homie.
  12. there is not one damn period in this post!
    PS your fucked.
  13. for real what kind of idiot smokes a BLUNT in his moms bathroom
  14. with the window closed no less
  15. I give this guy the benefit of the doubt. He is STONED! Plenty of times that I have gotten stoned and my typing and spelling goes to hell. However continuing to live with your mother as an adult is pretty sad if that were the case.

  16. ahahahah what a faggot. you know you're an idiot when.. you make ridiculous blanket statements based on retarded assumptions.

    I'm 19, but I purposely didn't use correct grammar just to spite your dumbass. You're so mind-bogglingly stupid. Wow. Just wooow.

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