Omegle vs. Chatroulette

Discussion in 'General' started by bahookahjoe18, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Which site has the smaller amount of dicks.
  2. I don't run into that many dicks on chatroulette
  3. Omegle: Pedophiles

    Chatroulette: Penis, lot's of penis.

    Although, the other night me and a couple of my friends got baked and met a dude from turkey on chatroulette and he smoked a bong with us LOL

  4. Last night on Chatroulette I got a guy with a nice 2 ft. glass bong, and I was smoking my chillum, and we took turns taking hits, hahaha.

    He also showed me his other bong, which was (I'm really bad at judging length) 4 ft or so.
  5. They're both filled with horny tennage boys. Either way, you're gonna run into a lot of dick...

    And pedos :eek:
  6. I really don't know why I always go back. I get a decent hit so rarely that I'm severely brain-fucked by the end of my time there. It's just so fun when you're blazed sometimes...

    edit: oh, I also like to go on there and hold the camera up to my hairy nipple.
  7. chatroulette usually has people with smaller dicks
  8. hahaha

    this thread talked me out of going to either
  9. I'm about to die.... FUck yeah!!>>!!>!>!@!:>!@:EQ
  10. chatroulette has let, they ban people for doing that now supposedly.
  11. I realized that since I even had to ask that initial question, it's crazy to go to those sites, hahaha. :smokin:

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