Omegle - Most random chat I've had

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  1. One of those chats that just get out of hand in a controlled way:

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    Stranger: Good day sunshine!

    You: howdy how there happy stranger

    You: how are you today?

    Stranger: Rather peppy!

    You: yikes

    You: why is that?

    Stranger: Why yikes?

    Stranger: >.>

    You: if it helps, you may disregard the "yikes"

    Stranger: I don't think it's a bad thing.

    You: it was not ment to be negatively charged, so to speak

    Stranger: It will always be at the front of my thoughts now.

    Stranger: grr...

    Stranger: Can not be unthough!

    You: im sorry about disturbing your perfect day :/

    Stranger: It was so very perfect! *cries* All is lost now!

    You: well actually, you gained a "yikes"

    Stranger: It's like gaining a bullet wound! You're better off without one.

    Stranger: Oh the pain...the pain of it all.

    You: I guess I just shot you then :O

    You: yikes! I need to hide from the police

    Stranger: i didn't appreciate it you mean man!

    You: and that WAS a negatively charged yikes

    Stranger: I only had good intentions and cheers!

    Stranger: Why must you hurt that which only wishes to love you?

    You: are you saying that you...

    You: love.. me?

    Stranger: I thought I did once...but that was long ago.

    Stranger: When I was young and foolish.

    You: You've changed :mad:

    Stranger: No! You've changed!

    Stranger: Ever since you started seeing that whore of a women back in Vietnam!

    Stranger: The war ended years ago, but you will never accept that!

    Stranger: You're home now!

    You: They took my arm, damnit!

    Stranger: But they didn't take me! seemed to have forgoten that.

    You: The war ends when I get my arm back

    Stranger: You left with dreams of being a hero...I waited.

    Stranger: But you get injured and then fall in love with that nurse!

    You: And she worshipped me like a hero, as opposed to you

    Stranger: But I did worship you. You simply never listened. i waited so long for you to simply speak to anyone again after your injury.

    Stranger: You only ever talked to that whore!

    You: But she understood me! You would never understand it...

    You: my pain..

    Stranger: But do you understand my pain! I got the letter that you were M.I.A. I thought you were dead....but I still had hope. Then when you arivved back in America my heart fluttered!

    Stranger: But you wouldn't even look me in the eye.

    Stranger: You know what song they were playing on your arrival?

    Stranger: It was OUR song!

    You: you thought it was ok what they did? It's not ok what they did! they they....

    You: They took our JEARRRBS!! :(

    Stranger: Well I had to start working since the men left!

    Stranger: It was horrible. The remaining men were abusive at the factory. One of them struck me so hard they broke my JAwwwrrw!

    You: They took your Jeaeewwwr

    Stranger: And shot me.

    You: yikes!

    Stranger: Do you remember what our song was even called?

    Stranger: It was called Good Day The Beatles.

    You: *sob*

    You: its all coming back to me now

    You: how could I be such a fool?

    You: I should've been treating you with respect all these years

    You: Instead... Nothing

    Stranger: Well it's to late now. I have a ticket to Europe for tommorow. i will never see you again.

    You: *sob-sob*

    Stranger: Actually i had two...but I guess I'll just give the second one away.

    Stranger: Good bye forever.

    You: let me go with you

    You: We can make it work

    You: I can change

    Stranger: (And so in that last fleeting moment Stranger walked away...never looking back at You)

    Stranger: THE END!

    You: *applause*

    Stranger: *bows*

    Stranger: Thank you thank you!

    Stranger: omegle chat ever.

    You: most random thing ever :O

    You: im completely weirded out right now

    Stranger: Well it was your fualt.

    Stranger: You started it.

    You: yeah, I can see how shooting someone can do that :p

    You: haha

    Stranger: Though I think I fell in love with the real you. The one typing.

    Stranger: Take me!

    Stranger: I will start mailing you letters of fancy!

    Stranger: Lulz...i just freaked you out more.

    Stranger: Biotch!

    You: for a moment, you did

    Stranger: People are crazy on the internets.

    You: yeah, well I come for the trolls, and stay for the crazies and normals

    Stranger: Normals?

    Stranger: How can you be normal on here?

    You: they happen... occationally

    Stranger: Why bother with those people.

    Stranger: YOu can just omegle irl for that!

    You: oh it's one of those moments... you know

    You: like talking to a homeless person, or feeding a dying pigeon

    Stranger: Go outside and shake hands witha stranger.

    You: its one of those things that you just never do

    You: talking to a normal person on omegle falls under that category

    Stranger: Fun fact: You will never see a homeless person with gatorade.

    Stranger: ever

    You: haha, I cannot picture it at all

    You: in any way

    Stranger: A brightly colored bottle in a filthy bums hands.

    Stranger: Well my love....I'm afraid I must leave you.

    You: then I shall bid you farewell

    Stranger: Parting is never easy.

    Stranger: I don't now what to say/

    You: Don't say anything

    You: it's all clear enough

    You: thread safely, and don't look back

    Stranger: Goodbye!

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.
  2. i love omegling but one day this guy said "im watching you" and sent me a link to my facebook page and i havent been to that site sense :eek:
  3. It's some kind of trick that you can use that nulls the url of a profile, then it messes up and sends you back to your profile.
  4. I just had this conversation.

    Stranger: Hi, I'm a horny male looking for a horny female to cam on msn with :) females answer yes

    You: god damnit

    You: i have an erectial disfuction
    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

    That is fucking awesome.
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    Stranger: Hey: )
    You: are you one of those people that wants to somehow hold a real
    You: conversation?
    Stranger: I can manage that.
    You: fuck that
    You have disconnected.
  7. LOL. This had me laughin for a few min. Good stuff.
  8. i just went on omegle for the first time heres what happened to me:

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    Stranger: Gay/Bi?

    You: fuck no

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

  9. Stranger: 22m horny here

    You: i have herpes

    You: i dont want to give your computer a virus

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

  10. Lol there's a link that send you to your own facebook.

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