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    Sorry I'm drunk, angry, blue balled and stoned so this thread might not make sense, but is it rude to pickup the phone while making out?

    This thread sorta ties in with my sleep with my sisters boyfriend mom thread if anyone is follow that.

    I'm in a different city house sitting my sisters boyfriends house for a week and I don't have anyone around. I moved back in with my parents and haven't been able to bring a girl home for about a year. Having a big home all to myself has it's benefits. I could finally call up all those girls I met in bars, at work, etc

    This is basically my week of fuck. This is my third night here and I met up with this girl from work.

    MY FIRST MISTAKE: Don't shit where you eat. I shouldn't of tried to hook up with a girl from work. A LOT of drama.

    Basically I called this girl over, let's call her Kelly. We got drunk and started making out, things were getting pretty hot but she kept picking up her cellphone that was constantly going off to talk, text or Facebook. These talking or texting conversations were going on for like 5 minutes and I kept going hard to soft.

    Jesus, that sorta crushed my ego. That's like insulting and rude at the same time. It's like saying she is more entertained by her phone then me making out. After like the 6th time I decided to switch the movie we were "watching" to the counter strike game on the Xbox. She kept pushing to make out with me and grinding my dick (wearing a thong) so I gave in and started making out again. The 7th time I was like "OK", got up and put my pants on. Then went upstairs and waited. She finished her conversation and came upstairs and was like "WTF."

    I told her "Have a good night" and opened the door, she put on her shoes and went outside. I started the shut the door and said "do I get a kiss?" And I kissed her on the cheek and slammed the door.

    I'm beginning to think I was too harsh. Maybe I should have explained why I was kicking her out?

    For those following my sex with sisters boyfriends married mom thread, nothing happened. Mostly just eye fucked each other which I'm sure the father saw. They are back in a few days, so if anything happens then I'll update that thread.

    Before WALL OF TEXT:
    TLDR: Having a week of fuck, girl kept picking up cellphone, I got pissed, kicked her out. Update on old thread.

    Omega369 :wave:
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  2. LOL, a bit rude for her to do that.....
    hahaha.... i lol at the fact that you did took a shit where you eat...
  3. Should have at least politely asked her to stop or turn off her phone

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  4. or just could have said fuck it and ignore the bitch if its not common sense for her to ignore her phone while being with a man

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  5. Yeah but then you don't get any

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  6. If she was grinding on you IN A THONG? why didnt you just go for it dude?
  7. I would have told her she was pissing me off and told her to put the phone down.
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    Yoooo the thonggggg 
    Total whore
  9. Thongs dont make girls whores
    Stop it. Stop it right now.
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    hahahaha alls i know is if a girls got her ass out in a thong while were home alone then im gettin it in
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  11. Your only mistake here. Not sticking it in her before slamming the door on her. Otherwise everything was done perfectly :wave:
  12. If that happened to me I would be pretty angry and the only fuck I would be able to conjure up would be a very violent one..
    But dude.. she wore a thong sooo she probably is a masochistic whore who likes making her mascara run down her face :)
  13. don't shit where you eat.
  14. i think some people that grew up in the cell phone generation dont really understand that its rude to be texting constantly when you're hanging out with someone. if i invited you over to chill, that means i want to chill with you. it doesnt mean i want to watch you play on your phone all night. i just think these youngsters dont get it. their phone is their life, its how they communicate with the world. internet, social media, texting, camera blah blah blah. good luck trying to pry the phone out of some of these people's hands.
  15. Props to you for doing that. I hate when girls that pull that kinda shit.

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    So she's in her panties and you don't slip a finger in her or anything? Don't get me wrong I think you did the right thing. 
  17. I would have thrown her phone after the first time she grabbed when we were making out
    Now she's gonna go back to work and tell everyone you can't keep it up lol
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  18. I trust your judgement.
  19. You should have asked her to give you the phone, then turned it off. Then you should have put it away in a drawer or something, and said "they can wait" :).
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