Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

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  1. who else picked up the newest installment of the great pokemon journey?

  2. Fuckin nostalgia man.. If only you didn't have to have a ds. I played ruby so much damn.

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  3. I did end up copping it and this is what happened when I had it in my hands.

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    Eventually I'll have a 3DS. I'm hoping for another gold and silver remake. Best games in the series to date.
  5. Yeah i actually plan to pick it up today . Should send me your friend code

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  6. I got it. Stopped playing after Gen 2 and recently got back into the series with X/Y. Still the same damn games I played years ago, but it's find so I don't mind.
    i love flatbush bro, respect on the avatar. and yea the series is always going to be pretty much extactly the same with very little innovation, but i think that's why its been successful. 
    no idea where to find my friend code haha 

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