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    Sorry if repost. I am really enjoying these Olympics. I had surgery last week so I've been relegated to the couch. The things these athletes do are simply amazing. I also liked Germany's "non statement" uniforms and Americas Olympic committee.

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  2. Fuck the Olympics! Parks & Recreation was not on last week because of the Olympics. So they can lick my nuts!
  3. i haven't watched the Olympics since I was a kid. My grandma used to watch them every time.
  4. The only interesting Olympics were in 1936 in Berlin
  5. I watch them, only the winter olympics because Canada sucks in the summer, but as a Canadian I would never miss a hockey game. And I watch the curling and figure skating if Im visiting my grandparents. The snowboarding and skiing is interesting too! Its really awesome how it brings the world together, and athletes for sports that usually dont get talked about get to appreciated! I love the Olympics!

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  6. Its been great usually us (GB) couldn't win an argument at the winters, a gold for the tea tray racing already in the bag

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