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    Call me a sappy Northern Californian, but I wanted to spread a little of the Cali love around the globe today.  Here we have a SoCal trifecta that sums things up pretty well.  I am dropping out of the glass race as it a dangerously expensive habit to fuel and I can still watch from the sidelines without paying a dime(bag).
    Be careful because these boys bring some big heavy dogs.  They are like Manute Bol with Shack feet.  Crime stoppn powa if you are in a bind and need an equalizer.
    View attachment 4444
    Left:       OLYMPIC - Worked Straight Tube Horizon Helix 50mm w/ 18mm Martini Slide
    Middle: OLYMPIC - Straight Tube Horizon Helix 75mm w/ 18mm Martini Slide
    Right:    OLYMPIC - Straight Tube Horizon Disk 60mm w/ 18mm Martini Slide
    These are a fun ride so far (I have yet to bidet rip the tube to the right)
    Initially, I wasn't a big fan of the slides, but they are definitely made to last a lifetime, so I figured I had better start to like them.  Overall, they don't come cheap, but they are up there with my Goldstein 16 inch egg in terms of ROI to FUN factor.  I am a simple man and these fill the void in my simple life nicely.
    Peace, love and much Cali sunshine,
    Buster Hymen

  2. the left one looks sick wit worked  pieces .. do u own all 3?
  3. I live in Pacific Beach so I was able to buy my Olympic direct from DaGlassWorks (The shop is under the same ownership as Olympic). I have the Horizon Helix and its no doubt the best bong that I have ever had! 


    I also have made a lot of milkshot videos of me and my room mate taking dabs off this bong, if you want to see her stack they are hosted on GlassFeed.com:


  4. @Alfred

    Yep. I own these three little birds. The slides on the custom pieces are pretty intense but the slide on the left can is my favorite.

    Buster Hymen
  5. @TheNaturalist
    Some of the video links worked for me and some didn't.
    You are a lucky bastard to live so close to DA  :cool:  I would go broke if I lived within a 50 mile radius of DA.
    Have you ever hit a Hamm's, RoosterAparatus (Dave Goldstein) or MotherShip?  They are nicely crafted and Dave's fritted glass design is pretty nuts.  Most Hamm's have an amazing design and I love the way they work, but they will make you work for your hit.  One Hamm recycler that I took for a spin made you displace about a cup of water before she started chugging.  Mothership is batshit crazy beautiful and you really can't go wrong with any of them.
    Buster Hymen
  6. the left Olympic is just beautiful! 
    Olympic is def some of the best quality class now. Would take one over a sg anyday
  7. This thread is way overdue! I love olympic glass! Not sure how to.upload pictures on thus new server...
  8. @G13adsAMY
    Click on "G13adsAMY" from the dropdown menu at the top of your browser, then select "My Gallery".  You should be able to upload from there.
    Buster Hymen
  9. Any more olympic pics?
    Buster Hymen
    Which videos didnt work? I will try and fix them! I am really lucky, I live within walking distance of at least 7 head shops so I have a lot of options but I still picked Olympic for my new bong! I just realized I didnt say in my first post, my Horizon Helix cost $550 and included the slide bowl and cork pad.

    Heres a pic that I took today:
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    @ TheNaturalist
    Four in One jumbo didn't work for me.
    I picked up a used Olympic today from a very cool head and as luck would have it, it looks very similar to yours.
    The only visible difference that I can see is that the piece I picked up has a double halo perc.  I paid $450, shared a little of my home grown and had a good ol'time.  It needs a little TLC, but I am happy with my new addition.
    Classy with the J sitting endoed in the fat @ss Olympic San Diego Boro glass.
    View attachment 117460
    Everyone will just have to do a headstand to see this pic properly, as I am way too couch locked to edit anything at the moment.
    I feel obligated to also mention that I like the stamped Olympic logo better than the sandblasted stuff you see today.
    I really wish that Mothership, Olympic and several other artists would sell their slides separately.  I don't feel like dropping $1,300 for a Torus just for the bowl.  Now if it were an Olympic/Mothership collab, then I might bite :p 
    Buster Hymen
  12. @SsYyNn
    Thanks for the kind words.

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