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  1. Hey everyone, wanted to start a thread/topic so people that are local to olympia or maybe even visiting can get to know eachother, meet for smoke sesh's and just bullshit around. But please only post if you live in olympia or are going to visit! :) Enjoy.

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  2. What if we visited last month? :(
  3. Tsal good, if you feel like you'll visit again sometime then go for it guy. Post anything you feel like

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  4. I've been hooked on jam ever since I was a patron at the New Moon.
    If I were to visit Olympia again, that would be my first stop.
  5. Hey guys, I know I'm almost 2 years late to the party, but how have your efforts been?
  6. We can't meet up like that now. Against the rules. Have to say though that Olympia is a fantastic progressive town. You can throw a rock and hit a stoner there's so many. I would go to the state college and sign up for a class. You'll find a bunch of friends there who smoke and grow. Good luck!
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