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  1. Im planning on buying a OLS bride bong. it looks solid, it has an unbeatable price, and isnt too big or too small. Im also attracted to the perc. Does any one own this or know some info about it that can give me some suggestions. It doenst even have to be the same piece just company so i can get some background info of the company.
    OLS Bride - Glass, online smoke [Smoke Accessories Wholesales]

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  2. Chinese bullshit
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    Those ice pinches look like some hard nipples.

    edit: and i mean that in a bad way. Looks like decent sized chunks of ice could fall through, breaking your downstem if your not careful. Not sure on the actual brand itself though, id rip one out of it for the right price :bongin:
  4. very insightful guys thanks :smoke:
  5. Anyone got some hands on info I thought I would just revive this thread since I am thinking of buying an OLS bride myself I am just wondering how nice they are. Been smoking acrylic for almost 2 years now
  6. Its a china brand... its not great at all
  7. A china brand could mean anywhere from "It breaks easy but pulls great" to "It burns like fire to pull through". Please elaborate? I got $50 to spend on a bong and I am looking for the smoothest hit possible(Which in my own opinion bigger=better). Don't suggest my local headshops they overcharge like crazy here
  8. i bought one and it smashed the next day...be careful, its a great piece but you get what you pay for...

    personally my favourite is the ols polaris...i ordered it on saturday and it arrived on tuesday and boy is that a great piece...best ive ever used and ive used better glass than this chinese ols stuff makes :p it really is an unbeatable bong at an unbeatable price... make sure to get an ashcatcher with it :)

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