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    ^^^lol, dude dont go poopin on her chest..wtf is wrong with you? thats my chest.

    Or that and because her tits are fucking huge. Haislip trys way too hard to be funny..and yeah I'd agree, not very attractive.

    I was kinda shocked that a few people dont find Munn attactive in here though..problly expected to see some porn star chick. :p Ah but to each his own. Still think shes hot as fuck.

    Edit...Just wanted to add Morgan Webb is sexy...she has a good TV persona, she actually seems like she knows what she's talking about unlike haislip who is just totally oblivious to WTF is going on half the time...Makes me not want to watch AOTS anymore. Id like to think Munn is like a happy medium between web and haislip as far as that goes but I'm probably biased.
  2. Olivia>Morgan>Haislip

    Morgan used to be a lot hotter when she still had some curves on her like 4 or 5 years ago but when she moved to LA she got a little too skinny.
  3. X-Play in general has gone way down since they moved from San Fransisco.

    That show used to be so awesome.
  4. techt.v.waitwut
  5. olivia munn, yes please!


  6. I know. I used to watch X-Play all the time and I wasn't even really ever that into video games, the show was just really funny and Morgan was awesome. Now she's all health conscious and lost weight and Sessler's not as funny as he used to be.
  7. yay now she's on the daily show :p
  8. WTF?! So she left AOTS to be on the Daily Show?!

    Anyways, whaata bout that new girl on AOTS, the banging blonde?! I'd rip her up....

  9. I think Olivia's still technically the co-host of AOTS but she's just barely on anymore. I can really only remember her hosting like 2 or 3 episodes all summer. It's a shame, I don't really watch the Daily Show, I need my Olivia fix.

  10. I'd let shit on MY chest
    I mean,if she wanted to shit on me.just sayin..

    in case she were to ever ask me to let her poop on my chest I would say yes
    just want to be clear.

  11. ^^^truth^^^

    Jessica Chobot is more of a gamer chick, no denying that yeah but I mean I just wanted a thread about how sexy olivia munn is. And for people to post more sexy pictures of her.

    I had no idea she was on the daily show now though, kinda weird if you ask me but hey, maybe ill start watching that now since AOTS has really gone downhill the past few years. Makes me sad, I miss the kevin and kevin kombo.
  12. I watched all the episodes of The Daily Show this week and I've yet to see her.
  13. welll WTF. Olivia, where the fuck you at girl? I miss your sweet ass.

  14. she got a correspondent job. right when she started, i remember she had like 2 reports her first week, but i think she has maybe one or two a month now.
  15. She's cute... her vajay looks like it disappeared in the pink undies shot, though :laughing:



  16. old thread, but damnn, just saw that...^^^^^ yumm

    In other news...I guess munn was banging justin timberlake...she should be banging some nerdy guy or me, but nope.
  17. nom nom nom nom
  18. She was on yesterdays episode of the show
  19. barely though...she needs to host her own show..or go back to AOTS...that show has been really weak lately, kinda stopped watching it. Just isn't the same..*sigh.*

  20. Yeah, I agree. They keep trying to make Haislip the new co-host but she sucks. I'm convinced she's banging Kevin and/or the producers and that's why she gets as much screen time as she does, because it's certainly not her "talent".

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