Oliver Stone to RT: ‘US has become an Orwellian state’

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  1. Oliver Stone to RT:

    I think its great that there are a few lefties out there who realize its not okay when Obama violates the law, that just because Obama copies a Bush policy does not make the policy suddenly moral.
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    Sadly most people who will damn Bush for his policy's will applaud Obama for accelerating the same policy's.

    I wished Romney would have won the election for the sole reason that Americans would become anti war again. Stupid Americans only seem to cry injustice when a Republican is in the white house.
  3. And even if you list out all the policies that obama hasn't changed to obama supporter they say eithe

    1) well he ended DADT

    2) its his second term now he will do what he wants/ its the republicans fault

    3) he's still not as bad as bush/didn't start wars (yeah bombing pakistan,libya and yemen don't count)
  4. bush, and obama are the same...


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