oldest plant has stretched to high and fallen over!! only 8 days old help.

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    THe plants appear completely healthy, and i had no problems until now, the seedlings are under a 400W MH light and get fed for 15 minutes ever 3 hours. they were doing great and about 30 minutes ago my oldest white widow fell over!!! the stem is completely limp and the little girl feel over and won't hold herself up!!?? I think that she stretched to far trying to get the light and has gotten to tall to hold herself up, i have my hydroton pellets holding her up at the moment. What do I do!!! i moved the light closer, how do i stop her from stretching!!!!!??

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    please help!
  2. to stop stretch you need to move the light closer however some plants will just do this, I have had plants do this in the past, I've both left them down and propped them up both ways work...

    plants in nature have wind blowing past them which encourages the plant to become more rigid, put a light breeze on them and this will encourage the stem to stiffen up and your plants will thank you for it.
  3. They have 2 fans look at the pictures, They were both standing and blowing in the wind, and its a 400w mh for two TINY seedlings if i put the light too close it could burn them they shouldnt be stretching for light when they have access to so much??
  4. I didn't see the fans ... I was only throwing that in as a possibility...

    I just wouldn't worry about it too much... prop it up or let it do what it wants... either way it will probably work out, is has for me in the past both ways

  5. Thanks for the info :)
  6. take a straw, cut off sections long enough to support it upright and slit it length wise so you can slip it around the limp stem. make it stand straight up and start with a low breeze on them, slowly encouraging it to a higher pace. Air movement is very important for stimulating the plant.

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