Oldest Person You Know that Gets High?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by FreakTard, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Well, I'm bored so I figured I'd ask this... Also PsychiatricWard's thread made me think of it.

    Who is the oldest person you know that recreationally uses mind altering drugs/plants/whatever? Not drinking or smoking, but I guess you figured that.

    Mine is my fiance's step-grandfather and grandmother. They both smoke every day. They get really really good shit, too. My fiance doesn't know I do anything or smoke, or I'd be all in that shit, haha.
  2. I know a gentleman (not a family member) into his 60s that gets high on a regular basis.
  3. my dad,, whos 61..does get high on occasion
  4. Yeah the couple I mentioned before are probably between 60 and 80... I really have no idea, but yeah haha.

    They have pretty much built up a huge immunity to the feeling. You can see it work, but nowhere near as much as other people who take just one hit off the same joint.
  5. Wasn't there some like 103 year old guy that said the key to a long life is smoking pot and pussy?
  6. theres a family member in their mid 50s that i smoke with a few times a month.

    I'm sure i've smoked with someone older but i can't remember.
  7. Probably.

    Old people say some funny stuff. Lol
  8. I buy weed for my 74 year old grandmother on a regular basis :smoking:
  9. lol hell yeah +rep for the thread though and me making you thnk of it :)

    probably oldest is is in his 50s... :eek:
  10. Yum +rep.

    *eats it all up*
  11. If that's true than i hope smoking pot and jerkin it all the time because you cant get pussy applys to the same key.
  12. Hahaha!
  13. not really unless you can jerk it and make a thrusting motion, fucking your hand....
  14. Not sure if that even counts. Consult the RULE BOOKS!

    Anyway, old people potheads? Old people acid heads? Lol.

    You gotta know them too, ugh. Not some 100 year old on TV, haha. =]
  15. My dad is 56, and he gets high every weekend at the bar.

    .. I'm not supposed to know that, lol.
  16. Toke up with him, haha.
  17. how did you find out ?
  18. I hope I have grandchildren as nice as you. :smoking:

    I would not mind being old, retired, and blazed 24/7.
  19. my 64 year old grandfather lives down on the ohio river where he drinks about a case of high life a day and smokes a joint about every hour. Every once in a while he'll call and you can hear his jaw just grindin' away cause he's done hit the foil again.

    i love that old motherfucker.
  20. Well starting a few weeks ago when I randomly smoked with her for her first time in 30 years.....my mom, who is 50. :smoking:

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