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Older smokers

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by rottweilerpit, Jul 7, 2004.

  1. Iam 28 and ive smoked weed/hash for 12 years not always 24/7 but never gone longer than 2 weeks without puffin,as with alot of weed forums there are a lot of younger smokers(i remeber i was that age once) i just wonder how many will still be smoking in 2-3 years. when me and my peoples started smoking we were all like"iam going to smoke weed forever e.t.c" 95 % of them are dropped out and it was them that thought they knew eveything about weed and they can smoke the most were the t shirt e.t.c,i was never a bout that but i still represent 100% for the herb but with out the ego.
    the great thing with being a sesoned smoker,u never whity,nevr have to worry about your parents as by this time u can smoke weed in front of them plus if like my family they have a puff to say "ive tryed it" which is good and now no its harmfull if used to appreciate.and other advantages of a seastoned smoker,is that u can drink some fine wines ,or your favourite whiskey/beer with out the room spinning :)
    a bottle of cava(not so expencive champagne) 3/4 bongs/pipes and its on ..peace and love.........

    i meant NOT HARMFULL.the joys of being stoned

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  2. i agree......and cute pooch,(after you get past the teeth ;))
  3. Hang around here long enough and it happens over and over with just a few hardcore smokers lasting the distance ,lol. :smoking:

    oh, and welcome to Grasscity friend.
  4. 25 long years of tokin and no plans to ever quit smokin.

    15 years non-stop from waking till going to bed, I will die with a smoke in my mouth.
  5. The math says 20 years.
  6. I only just turned 18 and ive been smoking since i was 12, and i have loved every single minute of it even the bad parts. I can honestly say i will never quit because i love it to much, even when i had those moments of where im like yeah this sux i quit it only lasted a day or two before i was blazing again, now that im older i dont even take breaks, i dont get paranoid, or black out, i love weed and ill have a joint in my pocket when im buried :)
  7. LMAO....

    My last words before i die are probably gonna be "geeet me anotheeerr Bong jimmy"
  8. A big welcome for another London Stoner at last!
    Hope you stick around for the good times, discussions, and wisdom that grasscity offers.

    Btw, that rottweiler looks damn vicious, i hope its got a softer stoner side to it.
  9. big shoots to all that welcomed me,plesure to be hear as for my rottweiler hes a big softy with his family but to a strainger u are all live meat lol he did bite a police women 8 months ago,i was arrested for disdurbing the peace and resisting arrest,after finally getting me to put my 2 dogs (i have a staffordshire/american pitbull as well) in the back yard i was arrested and taken to the dungens lol when i was locked up my mum was at my house with the police and had let my rottweiler deboe in by mistake first thing he did was to go under the kitchen table as thats hes place so no one can grab him to put him out,the 2 police women at this time were sitting round the kitchen table with my mum and what i was told deboe was ok just looking at them,as the story goes the police needed something from my mum which was up stairs,as my mum stated the police better come out of the kitchen while she was upstairs the police chose to be nieve and said he (deboe) will be ok......mum only got to the top of the stairs she heard the growl and the scream from police women, that was the moment she got mistaken for lunch.
    me in my cell un awere the coustody officer came to me and told me what happered and said ill have to be held till the police women was taken to hospital by her partner and they send anougher officer out to sort the statment.i should have been locked down for a hour at least but got 6 hours!!!! i didnt care for the copper as she was warned about my dogs and was given the chose to go to a room were they would be safe,3 weeks later i got a phone call from the coppers solictor saying she is trying to take me to court for damages,but it all came to nothing as i said she wont get shit as there is warning signs that i have a pitt and rott and she was verbily warned by me about my rottweiler before the police arrested me. i dont think its funny to have a dog that bites people iam a responcerble owner but the thing with people is they think a rottweiler is a murderer or a big softy and get to conferdent with them,i never trust any dog i dont no! i bet most of u will find it funny lol as its the police lol peace.....

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  10. doesnt that pooch look a little familiar?.....:D add a few more spots and perhaps some sort of dress up costume ;)

    very very cute pooch
    and i know its sweet............loyal, protective and sweet.
    and if he's anything like mine just a "tad" on the laid back side.
  11. i have been smoking about 4-5 years but iam still young but now how it feels there are only about a couple of my good friends who still smoke but a bunch quite but i know i will smoke forever cant imagine without it
  12. 18 now been smokin for 4 years... wether ill still be smokin when i get older... doesnt matter now, ill figure it out when i get there.
  13. Cant believe it has already been 8 years. I may quit one day who knows but at the moment no plans of quitting in the forseeable future.
  14. Im coming up on 4 yrs and have no plans of quitting.
  15. 35 yrs of non-stop smoking pleasure...started in 69 at age 15 & will be 50 this Aug. I've never quit, never taken a hiatus & the only times I didn't smoke was when I was looking to score, which I always did, thank goodness.
    Don't listen to anybody trying to convince you otherwise. You can smoke up until death & even afterwards too.
    I know this because I'm actually dead....:hippie:
  16. \m/ ^_^ \m/

    Rock on, older smokers!

    I'm one of those youngun's, only 19...

    But I can't wait to get older. I can't wait until I've experienced all you guys have experienced. I say, you only get better as you get older, as long as you keep an open mind and keep learning things all the time. If you do that, you won't become a cranky old coot, but a cool wise old dude. And there is nothing more awesome than a really cool wise old dude. And besides, when you're old, you can get away with anything! No cop is going to arrest an old dude. You could be smoking a blunt on a park bench and nobody would think to suspect you.

    And maybe when I start to lose my mind, I'll have a real excuse for the dreaded STML, and I won't have to feel embarassed when it happens.
  17. To everyone who was a smoker during the primo Hippy Years (like '68-'73), what was life like back then? I would have loved to be alive back then. Such a fascinating time.

  18. Yes it was & it's amazing this old coot can recall any of it :hippie:....hang on dude, I think I just shit my pants. My nurse forgot my 'Depends', but we can still rap like when it meant 'to talk' instead of 'to talk/sing/swear' all at once.

    Anyhow, I got into it in 69 & travelled cross-country hitch-hiking in the summer 72. Also all thru Mexico. A complete stoned-groove. We took about 6 months to do it too. Didn't hurry thru nuttin'....had an excellent view of America down Big Sur, also the deserts, like Mojave & Death Valley & around by the NV desert testgrounds & AZ. Just took our time too. No hurry to be anywhere. Did plenty of 'dine & dash' to survive. We had to scrounge for $$ sometimes.
    But all in all, quite the adventures. And that's what isn't happening anymore -- no more travelling by young people. Everybody just stays all close to home. You must get out there & figure out what part [or any] you like of the USA [or none] & get situated there somehow....but you'll never know until you take off & check out the country....:hippie:
  19. smokin for 7 years. nothin will stop me.

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