Older Leaves turning Brown????

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  1. Alright heres the deal, these plants are around 4-7 weeks old havent really been keeping track. There are 6 plants and 2 are having mild problems, the big bushy one in the first pic is in MG organic soil with blood meal and bone meal (Just a very small amount mix with soil). All the older leaves on this plant keep turning brown and dying so I have been triming them off.

    In the second pic that plant had 2 of the big fan leaves droup down and get spoty looking. Then the got crisp and brown like in the pic. This plant is in Lady Bug organic soil for rose bushes with a small amount of blood meal and 2 hand fulls of worm castings in the soil.

    Temps 65-80
    Humidy avg 50%
    Tap water has really high ph all I have to test it right now is PH paper it looks to be around 8. I am planning on setting up a water resevoir 30gal with nutes pre mixed in and I guess I would use PH down to get it right on????????? Until then is there something I can mix with my tap water to bring the PH down?????

    1 400hps on right now, got another to turn on when they get a little bigger.

    They tallest plant is about 14 inches I topped it at about 8 in but I dont think it sproted any new branches?? About how tall should they be when I top them and how many times do I want to top them. I have a good amount of room so I would like them to get pretty big.

    How much longer should I wait until I start 12/12 flowering??

    Thanks guys!

    shit- I had to retake the pics cuz they were to big, and I cut the bad leaves off the second plant so I took a pic of them on a plate.

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