Older fan leaves going yellow and dropping off

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  1. Hey guys,

    This is my first year growing outdoors. I have a clone in a 7gal pot, and she’s going crazy! But in the past couple weeks, she’s started to go pale green and lots of leaves are going yellow and dropping off. I’ve kept this grow completely organic, and not been adding nutrients at all. The medium is fafard Agro mix, with some fafard sea compost mixed in, and some fafard fertilizer chicken manure added on top.

    The plant is about a week into flower. I’m pretty confident what I’m seeing is a nitrogen deficiency. What can I do? I’m hoping for something I can add to the soil to keep it organic, without having to add nutrients to the water.

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  2. Normal enough for the plant to start using the oldest fans as food to build buds with.
    It can range from a few strains that don't lose any fans to strains that finish as sticks and buds with no fans at all to somewhere in between with about half the fans yellowed and dropped.

    I let them do their thing and don't get concerned as I've been growing for many years and know what to expect.
    If your not spraying for caterpillars you need to start now.
    BT is the treatment of choice as it is a very short lived biological bacterium not a chemical contact killer.
    Organic rated it is commonly used on tomatoes to keep hornworms in check.
    I spray BT once a week every week.

    Bacillus Thuringiensis
    Has no effect on birds, earthworms or beneficial insects such as honey bees and lady bugs.
    Local garden shop should have it.

  3. You're definitely describing a nitrogen deficiency. If it's a week into flowering, you probably still have a couple weeks of stretch and its really going to suck those nutrients dry during that phase. If they were mine, I'd use a veg nutrient for another week or two and then switch to bloom. I use general organics throughout the grow. Good luck.

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