Old wooden floorboards and weak plasterboard wall? Safe to set up agrow?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Setuphelp, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Top floor of my house between the wall and roof tiles seems like a good idea... however somebody on my estate burnt there house down doin a grow in a similar house to mine there cheap and old and the inside walls are made of wood, paper and plaster is there and precations I can go to so there's not a risk of fire?
  2. They sell automatic fire extinguishers that go off if fire breaks out or a grow tent to where temps are contained
  3. Cheers looks like I'm going to have to get myself a half decent tent then.
  4. a lot of people burn there houses down trying to grow in a half ass attempt. Just do it the right way.
  5. first I would cover up everything anyways with that reflective stuff that blocks ir and make it air tight with controlled air flow

    there are fire extinguishers that will go off and they hang on the ceiling, but they are a dry chemical type and although good for putting out electrical fires not good for plants

    since halon gas is sorta not available anymore and is more or less toxic anyways a CO2 one will work best - a friend who sets up prototype grow setups for nasa for space missions likely to mars and stuff like that - in his setup he uses CO2 gas to extinguish the fires in testing, I dont see why a large CO2 tank with a temp controlled release valve wouldnt work just fine at putting out a fire inside a room, say a 90lb tank that should last about 2 min of continuous out gassing that will fill the whole house so for sure the grow room so make sure the air flow is designed right so it stays in there and you dont pass out, lol

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