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Old Women looking for sex...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Zepp, May 22, 2009.

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    Anyone have random or weird situations with older women looking for sex?

    One time me and a friend were bummin around looking for a hook for bud. We saw two women in a SUV parked in a parking lot, laughing hysterically. We figured they were high and wanted to ask them for a hook, but we hesitated. We kept watching them to see if they were smoking or not, and they noticed, and started watching us back. I figure, hey, their laughing too much, their high, and hell, maybe well get a random fling tonight cos they look interested. So we walk towards the car and we notice the women are pretty old... At this point its too late, so we go up to the window, and are about to ask for bud. The women then tell us they will pay us $50 and give us alcohol to fuck them. They were shit drunk, why they were driving i dont know. I looked at her, then her friend, noticed how fugly they were, and said uhhhhh, naw were good, and we walked off. As we were walking off they yelled "young guys!" in a condensending tone. ACKWARD.

    Another time me and my friend were waiting at a crosswalk to cross the road, and a car pulled up near us. Inside were two older women, one was fat as shit and looked like she had downsyndrome, the other with a real weird face. They look over at us, we look at them and look away... When I glance back, they are still staring at us. For over 30 seconds they are just staring, then they honk their horn and signal us over to the car. I burst out laughing when I realized what they wanted, and we walked past the car.
  2. lol that shit is hilarious man
  3. Maybe you should stop hanging out on the street corner?
  4. Shit yeah i know these situations pretty good but not because i get in tough with the Ladys no my best buddy is quite handsome and tale ... i dont know if thats the cause but he often get these looks from older womans and when he is in the mall with me or in the supermarked and we buy some thing and we pay the ladys allways are on a special strange way are very kind to him ... so i interpretive this so that she like him ....i mean i have no problem with these couples were the Man is 24 and the Lady 48 or something like that .. but if these Grannys get intim i prefer to run or hide :D thx no that is not my thing ...
  5. LOL, that might help.
  6. :rolleyes:


  8. u cant hide the wrinkles on their body man.. or the loose vaj lips
  9. This thread is going to be epic.
  10. I think my neighbor wants to fuck me...? Yeeeaaahhhh.....:(

    +rep aahahahahahaha:D
  12. id totally fuck the women in the first story. for $50 and some booze man? come on
  13. $50 and free booze? I would have done it too, that's what condoms are for.
  14. lol i i would have done it too. Its like free money and booze, and it still feels kinda good right?
  15. If i was a guy in this situation I would have done it... just colse your eyes hahaha couldnt be THAT bad
  16. word, the first story isnt that bad. just close your eyes >_<

  17. I've done it, but it was 5 instead of 50 and rubbing alcohol instead of booze.

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