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  1. hey guys , so my plant is about be a month old and i just pruned out some of the old withered leaves that weren't doing much but im worried as to what exactly is the problem,, can somebody help? ive put up a picture for the leaves,,, file-1.jpeg
  2. Whats up man. Post up some info and additional pics... What lights, soil, nutes if any, temps are you running? Get some pics up of whole plant as well..
  3. IMG_7242.JPG IMG_7325.JPG IMG_7326.JPG
    Thanks bro, I'll do that.. in fact now, the tips of the leaves r turning yellow.. think it's getting worse..
    I'm using a mixture of compost perlite and coco coir , with a 28 w led. I haven't used any other nutes yet .. I'm posting some pics.. would be great if u can diagnose the problem...
    also I want to reiterate , it's very humid where I live, although I leave the AC on most of the time...

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  4. It's a super lemon haze auto btw
  5. What percentage of perlite did you use? Like how much is in your mix? Im thinking not enough aeration?
  6. About 40% compost, 40% coco coir and 20% perlite. Give or take a few.. the soil seems pretty porous .. what do u think I should do?
  7. Hey man, sorry, I havent been on... But I would get it up to 40% perlite. I think the roots arnt getting enough oxygen.
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  8. Shit, I guess I'll have to start over, my plant just started flowering,, and it's still tiny, should I still wait for the yeald and see how far it goes...?
  9. I agree you needed to add some perlite for better drainage. Are you sure it's not an auto flower? I'd let it go and harvest whatever you get, better than nothing.
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  10. oh its defiantly an auto flower, but its only been a month so i felt its a bit pre mature. but ill let it grow. also i made some changes with the nutes, its getting better... but one question, how do i add perlite to it now without disrupting the roots??
  11. hey man glad to hear its improving. If your wanting to add more perlite now I would get a bigger pot and make a new mix with more perlite and transplant into it. Might shock it a tad though, not sure how that affect flowering, never seen anyone transplant in flowering before.. It wouldnt kill it or anything but might add a few days or week onto the grow.

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