Old weed, how long does it last?

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    I just found some old weed in layers of ziploc bags (the weed was protected by 4 bags). It was in a cool dark place, but looks like it needs some rehydrating. What do you guys think, any good to smoke? It's about 30 grams worth. :confused: The weed is about 2 years old.
  2. worth a try, how old is old? My friend rolled up some super old shit his mom had for her and she atleast acted like she was stoned, but the placebo effect is strong sometimes...
  3. depends on how long it was stored for, the temperature it was in, if it was in a place to potentially grow mold, etc. without any of that information it's hard to tell.

    is there a white webbish material on the buds? even if it's not on the outside there maybe mold on the inside so make sure to break it apart and look. if you can't tell there's anything wrong with it other then it being dry i'm sure it's safe to smoke.
  4. I smoked a 10 year old join once, and it worked...
  5. One of my friends gave me an extremely old sack, probably a little over a quarter, not to long ago. It was stored in a zip-lock bag, but it must have been old as fuck. It was way dried out and smelled like chlorine, so I threw it away.
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    I know a kid that found but in his back yard that had been there for almost a year in a zip.. He vaped it and hes not dead so.....

    really under the right conditions the thc should last almost forever. However the bud itself may rot. if theirs not mold its good to go.. although when it starts to smell like a pool that means its past the point of rotting and not the mold is starting to rot.
  7. I think as long as it in an airlocked container it was good. How old was it btw?
  8. Make hash!
  9. mark harsh
  10. one day me and my brother found a bag of weed in my brothers work truck it was tucked way down behind the seat and looked like it was old as time itself and we tried smoking that shit but it was no good prolly cuz it was in nothing but a lil nonzipock bag and wasnt protected for god knos how long, but man if uv got 30 grams that u just kinda forgot about it sounds like u may not even need that old weed i would jus sell it
  11. badass dude
  12. smoke smoke smoke! only way to find out.
    when i first saw this i thought maybe your mom had some weed left from the 70's and you were going to smoke it. it doesn't sound like it's that old though, maybe a year or two at most? i would think it would be okay. it has a better chance than 70's weed lasting but i've heard of people smoking it.
  13. The bud is roughly 2 years old.
  14. If it's truly airtight, weed'll last with potency for years and years in cool dark places.

    Ziplock bags aren't truly airtight, plastic breathes, but if it was really layered it should still get you high.

    Personally, I'd just flip it and use the money to buy recently grown frosty buds.
  15. The only problem is that bud in Romania is horrible. I sent it there last summer. In a sealed container with ziploc bags.

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