Old teacher of mine busted for growing.

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  1. I was reading the local newspaper today and read about an old English teacher of mine who got busted growing marijuana for personal use. To this day he is one of my favorite teachers. He taught me on his own time how to be a better writer and I believe overall person. He was an excellent member of the community, organizing countless volunteering opportunities for students to use at their disposal and now he is viewed as a criminal. He never let marijuana impact his work in any way shape or form and seeing an injustice such as this infuriates me. I would love to assist him in any possible way so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. well next time youre home or at whatever town that dudes at, burn one down with him
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    Write a letter of support to the local newspaper (s). Point out how harmless pot is, and, just like you did here, tell them what a positive impact this teacher has had on your life. Tell them how this pointless witch hunt ruins lives. You're a good writer, I'm sure you will do an excellent job.
    Do you know any other former students or people in the community who have been positively impacted by this guy who might be able to organize to support him? Lawyers are good.
  4. Ironically, my brother is going to end up at Yale for law so I am sure he can help me out. My best friend's mom is also a lawyer so I guess it's time to make some moves.
  5. Do keep us posted! Activism drives change-and without change we're still going to continue to have things like this
    Drug Raids: Cops Shoot Michigan Student Over "A Few Tablespoonfuls" of Marijuana | Stop the Drug War (DRCNet)

    My 63 year old neighbor was recently busted for a personal grow and, since he was sent to jail, his frail 90 year old mother whom he was caring for at home had to go to a nursing home, where she will probably die soon due to the stress. The drug war claims innocent vicims every day.
  6. I remeber reading once about this 70 year old woman who grew dope for her tea cause it helped with depression & stress. The police took that old woman to jail.
    What runs the Gov & police task force.....Money, the root of all evil.
    F*** the Governmet!!!
  7. It's so cruel to lock up elder marijuana users. They did their time in society already, don't make them do more time in jail! They're just trying to relax for fucks sake.

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