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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ebene, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. About six months ago I was heading over to my buddies apartment. I was going over there to pick up some bud and chill with him and his girlfriend. Soon after a blunt went around I walked out to the liquor store across the street. I was pickin up beer for them, cigs and a drink for myself. As I walked across the street a cop car passed by me and flashed his bright light my way. He sped up when he went by and then flipped a bitch, heading back towards me. When I realized the liquor store was closed I made my way back to the apatment complex as he came up behind me. He flashed his lights and once again shined his bright light at me. I held my hands up and approached his car to see what was going on.

    It was pretty fucking cold outside at this point, and my t-shirt and sandals didn't help. I was shaking due to the cold and nervous due to the dro. The officer asked me repeated questions lke; what I was doing by the store, what I was doing at the apartments, do I have any warrants, was I high? (yes), who I was seeing, etc. About 3-5 minutes into talking another cop car pulls up and two officers exit. "Standard procedure" he says. The officers picked up on my shaking and asked questions about it. I pointed at what I was wearing and told him I was freezing for the shaking. As for the nervousness, I asked him why I shouldn't be nervous with three police officers questioning me for no reason. When I asked him why I was stopped he told me it was because the store I was headed to had been robbed a night or two ago. As far as I know, I had nothing to do with it.

    Ten minutes pass and the questions become more irrelevant to the situation. They asked questions about my friends at the apartment, if we were smoking "dope", what they do, etc. I kept telling them that my friends had nothing to do with it but tried to be somewhat cooperative in order to avoid confrontation. My buddy deals quite an amount of "stuff", and he didn't need the officers to get involved with that. Eventually the officers left, only to tell me to stay away from that store. When I got back in my friends apartment I told him what went on. He called somebody that used to work at the store, and who listens to the police scanners. Turns out the store did get robbed, so the cops story backed up. All I know is that I was way to high to be in that situation..... :smoking:
  2. haha i get nervous by cops even when i am not high but dam thats a crazy story man.
    once i was smoking a blunt but i rolled it out fine and it lookd like a colt 45 and i am a quite guy so when cops i freeze up and i seen him and seen me and i continued to smoke my blunt thinking HA i mma trick this pig and smoke in front of him, he waits and waits until i toss my roach and he comes rushing over to me trying to find it turns out. He was a rookie cop and was on the radio trying to get confirmation to see if he could bust me, i was like great if he finds that roach i am fucked so he walks right past it and was like what was you smoking and i point down looking for like a butt or something and i see the white end of a 45 3-4 feet away from the oppistside of where the cop rushd up on me, i was so crafty i pointed to it lol. I was so scared i cryed when he left , real talk haha
  3. thats fucked up man...

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