Old story.. close one with the fuzz

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Raised Fist, Feb 8, 2004.

  1. Heh, sitting home bored tonight so I thought I'd share a story.

    A while back in highschool, me and my friends were gonna go toke up at a football game (We did it a couple times, pure fun). We fronted the money to a friend who could score us some, and when we saw him later at the game, he said he didn't find any. It was cool, so we got invited to go smoke with him and a friend, and the friend's sister. The friend's sister had a hammer, so I was in for something new. We go to a park down the street, and chill at its basketball court, cause it had a small bleacher section to sit on. When the first bowl came around to me, I didn't realize that the hit would be much bigger than usual. I took a big ass hit and I felt like I was going to die. everyone was coughing, it was great lol. The bowl went around a couple times, and we ended up only packing two bowls. We started walking back, and before when we walked into the park we watched all these scooter kiddies cursing in their high pitched voices at each other and this time it was very funny. Suddenly, we see a police car pull up. We almost shit our pants, and the girl with the hammer and pot was about to ditch it somewhere. The cop car goes and yells at the kids while we just keep walking past, on our way to the game. We thought we were in the clear, and then we see a SECOND car pull up... It must of thought the first one already questioned us, because it just went to help out the other one. We start laughing when we were about 50 feet behind the cars and went back to enjoy the game.

    Actually, every time we smoked at the games, we almost got caught.

    Anyone else have a similar story to share? ;O

  2. you're just giving all the kids who are still in highschool smokin herb a bad name. why don't you just smoke before or after? or, since highschool sucks, skip the game and go have a fat session with your buddies and go to ihop or somethin.

  3. When I say close to caught, I don't mean cops being all over us. Only people we know suspect us of smoking, and everyone else is clueless.

    Most of the time we didn't even chill at the games, and if we did it was BEFORE we smoked, so we could pick up friends and go out. ;)

    And if I somehow said anything different to this post (Too lazy to check), then I just typed it out wrong.

    Or something.
  4. i hate when you underestimate it like that, but you VOLCANO with someone elses weed, and they get pissed etc. it sucks.

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