old story but i think its worth reading

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Talon, Apr 2, 2006.

  1. this shit happened september of 2005. i told all my friends this story and i thought id post it up for some laughs. this is 100% truth, my friends couldnt believe it when i told them damn i wish i had a camera.

    on with the story:

    im walking home from school because i stayed after to re-take a test. i always wear baggy gangster-looking clothes, and today i wore a ball cap that i had real low since it was a bright ass day.

    i walk past walgreens, when some guy in some older 4 door sedan goes "hey ese (he says ESSAY like a really white person trying to be mexican lol), wheres the weed at?"

    i look at him and start chuckling, so i walk up to his car and ask him to repeat what he just said, and he says, "wheres the weed at, homie?"

    i stand there looking at him for a few seconds thinking, 80% chance that this guys a cop. out of nowhere i hear," *static* ten-four *static* ", so im like "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??" and hes like "oh thats my radio man (yea, CB RADIO!) ." (still with the horrible fake accent) im looking at this guy thinking, is this motherfucker serious?? he was wearing a beater, and looked kinda dirty, and grew a horrible mustache like cheech lol.

    i told him that i dont fuck with drugs, and hes like "come on maaan, i know you got some good shit." and i said to his face, "dude, youre a cop, im not stupid, keep it up though, youre going to give people a good laugh." and i walked off to tell my friends once i got home lol. i know he felt stupid for not turning his damn C.B. Radio.

    you had to be there to get the full effect.
  2. I love watching people try to act all stereotypically gangster(or whatever else) when they really suck at it. Never had a cop try it though. +rep for calling him on it rather than ignoring him.
  3. Wow, Ya'll both got Talon in ya'll names...

    But anyways, Sweet storie, Wish the shit would happen to me.
  4. Sounds fucking funny! Lol
  5. haha thats great, i bet the cop felt like a dumass
  6. damn pigs!
  7. Gotta rep the Diamond Star:)
  8. haha funny story man
  9. lol funny shit
  10. u shoulda told him to go up take a left, another left, another left, and another left and meet back up with u with his radio turned off. + rep man funny shit

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